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Since I love the sea and the sun - so I greet everyone from there.

Hello everyone, my friends of the Silver Bloggers Community!
In touch with you today @antikus369.

So - after reading today @lizelle's post Embracing Silver with Arms Open wide! for Blog of the Week # BoW I figured out what to write about for this topic. And I decided to write about some moments from my life that happened to me not so long ago, although my hair is covered not only with silver, but from a great mind there is also a bald spot on my head. A joke, of course. But at the same time, I will write about some events from my life, answering some questions that life itself and my Silver years asked me. And remembering about the music that I love, I immediately asked myself the first question: What is the best song for me since my youth? And without hesitation he immediately answered - Of course, the best song “Oh. Darling” by The Beatles. Talking about my Silver years, I supplement the post with photographs from the past and present about travel. Because I like to live more on the road (I am a vagabond) and dreams of distant countries, where I haven’t been yet. This is the meaning of life when you are on the Silver Path of your destiny. Such a story lies ahead. At the same time, there is a very large post in front (many letters and words)...


Turkey, Istanbul. Photo from the Sultan's palace on the shores of the Bosphorus.

What event would I like to remember forever?
Getting your next book. It is difficult to convey the state when the next work and the topic are finished, you have transferred all the material to the publishing house and the process has begun. And now you are already holding in your hands a book that still smells of printing ink, with a bright and catchy cover. For a while, it’s even somehow scary to look inside, but curiosity and thirst for knowledge outweighs, and you open the first pages. How nice it is! And now you are already chaotically flipping page after page, looking at the performance of the print and taking everything printed in all its glory. An indescribable feeling of delight! But ... this delight is complemented by a small amount of Silver on your hair.


Egypt, Cairo. Photo against the background of the pyramid of Cheops (Khufu).

What inspired me especially this year?
Naturally, the beauty of the surrounding world, feminine charm, tenderness, my children and grandchildren. From the beauty of the moments that penetrate daily into the soul with the first rays of light of the nascent day, I have written many poems, prose, stories and miniatures. Quite a lot of books have already been published by means of the desired and drawn to work creativity, which supplemented my "arsenal" (and Silver too), forcing me to continue to work even more fruitfully. I have already published 56 books and I am preparing 12 books for publication. All these books have been written by me over the past 12 years, and for more than 10 years I have been collecting and preparing materials.


Italy Rome. Arch of Constantine in the square near the Colosseum.

What was the main news for me in recent years?
Apparently, the most important and best news is the promotion of its international project "The Great Silk Road". During this year, Memorandums "On the establishment of relations of friendly exchange and trade and economic cooperation" were signed between the countries: Russia, China, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan and Tajikistan. In addition, Memorandums of Cooperation have been prepared with the cities: Almaty and Shimkent - Kazakhstan, Bishkek - Kyrgyzstan, Tashkent - Uzbekistan. One of the most important results was the conclusion of a Memorandum with the city of Makhachkala Dagestan, Russia at the level of the Government of the Republic of Dagestan.


Thailand, Bangkok. An interesting place for tourists with Buddhist temples.

What was the hardest part for me in my Silver years?
Work and collaborate with officials. For the most part, people in power either do not understand what you want to convey to them (to the brain), they simply don’t want to do what they don’t understand, so as not to look stupid. A small part of this huge army of freeloaders is capable of doing something necessary for the country and the citizen living in this country. Most of them are engaged in the development of their businesses, using their post as a personal feeder. I think this is very bad.


Israel, Jerusalem. Against the background of the Temple of all Christian religions.

Who are the most important people to me?
Apparently from the creative? Not otherwise! For example, I read almost every day, and I don't get bored. Poets include Omar Khayyam, Sergei Yesenin, Alexander Blok, Afanasy Fet, Anna Akhmatova, George Byron. Of the writers, these are Ernest Hemingway, Ilya Ilf and Evgeny Petrov, additions by Silvio Gesell and Margarita Kennedy (if we are talking about economics and finance).


Greece, Athens. Acropolis Parthenon. History and architecture are the real beauty for the traveler.

What was the hardest part for me?
Work and cooperate with officials. For the most part, people in power either do not understand what you want to convey to them (to the brain), they simply don’t want to do what they don’t understand, so as not to look stupid. A small part of this huge army of freeloaders is capable of doing something necessary for the country and the citizen living in this country. Most of them are engaged in the development of their businesses, using their post as a personal feeder. There are always a lot of problems from officials in life and work, and they added a lot of Silver to my sinful head.


Bulgaria, Golden Sands. A wonderful place by the sea, where the mountains are very close.

How can I describe some moments in my life?
So I was born in the mountains (Georgia), spent most of my life in the forests (Ukraine and Belarus), and I am drawn to the steppe (Kazakhstan), and to the sea and the sun (Abkhazia). The question is why? Maybe this is the very romance or the call of the ancestors? Or maybe I was a real nomad and a vagabond in the past? Is that why I can't sit still? The only thing that I can't stand is the rain, lies and betrayal of friends! The latter for some reason quite often happens in life. Apparently it's all about money? It is these candy wrappers or cut paper that are always discord between people. And all this also adds a lot of Silver to everyone around the head.


Abkhazia, Pitsunda. The country where there is a real earthly Paradise.

What has been the most ridiculous thing in recent years?
Here again I have to repeat that these are meetings with our officials. Although, as I think, officials are the same everywhere, and in any country in the world. As soon as you start any business with them, you immediately hit the wall with your forehead. And no matter how much you hit it, knock, smash it - everything is useless. It only comes out in the Pink Floyd music video for The Wall. But there the topic is also difficult.


Traveling across Russia (Ural and Siberia). Old destroyed wooden church. Still worth.

Did I have a conversation that turned everything around in my head?
Yes! Was, and in the service of bailiffs. I met with the city chief, and we decided to write a book about the work of this service, presenting the material more understandable for people. Many people simply know this service as "punitive", but this is not the case. Employees do their duty, serving their Fatherland, although for some reason they are not loved for this! The question is why? The answer is there, and it is vitally simple. It is difficult to part with money without groans, as Ostap Bender used to say. This is the whole point! I don't know about me, but for many, this service has added Silver to the temples.


And this is Romania. Travel through the mountainous part of the country to the sea.

What am I dreaming of and what quote would be right for this year?
Dreams and dreams. And more - this, apparently, as the meaning of life - to visit at least once Tibet, Solovki and Baal. It makes sense to drive along the entire Great Silk Road from Shanghai to European countries. Walk as a pilgrim to the Holy Land. Build an ecological village. Launch a mini-plant for the production of Russian or Kaporsky tea (ivan tea). And about the quote I will say this: the Dalai Lama uttered such a wonderful phrase "When it seems to a person that everything is going very badly, something wonderful is trying to enter his life!" And I believe in it. But everything that is bad is reflected in Silver for us.


Spain, Barcelona. Entrance and doors to one of the old houses on the street of the city.

Have I accomplished everything that I have planned for over the past years?
No, of course - it's simply impossible. Our life at times is like abstract and utopian dreams, deceitful, but so desired. This is when one door closes into a fairy tale, but another opens (and sometimes to nowhere) - for some reason we call it fate? And we often look with such greedy attention at the closed door that we do not at all notice the door that has opened before us, which leads beyond the horizon, where the light is more blissful and divine. You just need to take one step to the side and forward, and then your path will make sense. The meaning of where the Silver Dreams live.


Travel by boat on the Volga river, Russia. Ahead was a big fishing trip near Astrakhan.

What was the best moment of the year for me?
The best moment of the year (apparently, and the brightest, if we talk about Silver) is when I was able to successfully get home, hitting the strongest ice and not knowing how my next voyage on the roads of the Urals would end? It has been a long time since I got into such alterations. My car, moving along the highway, did not hold the road at all, although it was a jeep (SUV). He didn't ride, he floated, although the tires are good Bridgestone. At this time, I really felt myself to be that very pilot, and maybe even an astronaut. In general, all these events in my life have added quite a lot of Silver for the hair on my head and especially on the temples. Such is the story about the received Silver along with life experience.


Swimming in the ice-hole (Jordan) in winter for the Epiphany of the Lord...

Has that time of the Silver Age already arrived?
The time of the Silver Age has now come for us and we live in joy, because we have known the happiness of our creative path. Although the sages of the East say that there is no happiness, as such, the path itself is happiness. Looking back and accepting the Silver years as our life experience, we see how much has already been done and how much remains to be done. So, that Silver on our aolos is a confirmation that we have passed a certain path in search of Truth and Beauty. The main thing now is to continue to follow the chosen path, to give Joy and Happiness to everyone around. There are many friends around who well understand the very nature of Life and the Harmony of relationships. So that Silver is the real value of our Life, Experience and Wisdom. Good luck to everyone, happiness and health. And further ahead is the Way. A path filled with miracles. And let our ship sail on the Silver waves of the ocean, not knowing the storm and torrents.


We all, as I think, are on the right path in our life to the Light, and Silver, as we know, turns into Gold, and then into precious Diamonds. And in the end we understand - There is no way to happiness. Happiness is the way! Love each other, love life and everything will be fine. This is the law of nature itself. Thank you all, my friends - for the fact that you are and are with me in the same Silver Bloggers community. It was @antikus369. I wish everyone health, happiness and prosperity in the family.


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