Creativity, talent and small anniversary of the Silver Bloggers Community


I just read this post yesterday Silver Bloggers' Six Month Community Housekeeping and Update, where the organizers said that the Silver Bloggers Community is six months old. Once @lizelle organized and launched this community, and since then it has been developing very well and dynamically, attracting more and more new members to this creative union. The term seems to be not so long - 6 months, but this is the time of formation and it is always the most difficult, as we all know. Here and in the Silver Bloggers Community it is interesting to be, communicate, write posts and post materials on various topics that we are all not indifferent to.


In addition, you need to understand that the community members are from different countries of the world. This is so great and wonderful. Various topics are offered for authors, as well as interesting contests are also held, in which many of the authors always participate with pleasure. As always, the question arises - what is the development perspective of the community and what awaits the authors in the future? My answer is that any of us develops the community by participating in it. Apply your talent in creativity and there will be development for you and me, and for the community in which we live today and will live tomorrow.


Talent in any of us has been laid down from birth by God, it is a pity that over the years we ourselves are killing all these natural foundations, often reacting to assessments from outside. Remember when we were little - we could all paint, sing, dance. And we all loved it. A few years later, life begins, where each of us begins to "build". Saying to us and zombifying us: "This cannot be done, you are not an artist at all, you have absolutely no hearing!" Thus, destroying creativity in any little person. And this is a real disaster for children's perception. We “blindly” believe in these external evaluations as “truth” and bring them into our inner world.


Gradually, a system of beliefs is formed from the very beginning that drawing, singing and dancing is not at all necessary, all this is secondary, or rather, it is not necessary in life. And now, from early youth, we lose what was laid in us from birth. Creativity, as such, dissolves in the bustle of days, where a meaningless attitude to life rules - to be like everyone else. And this is the same gray world, where there is no place for paints. Further, everything is according to the established "standards". We go through life, without changing anything (often not wanting) and without seeking to break the existing taboos, prohibitions and "standards" developed by the society around us.


But there are also exceptions. Someone suddenly, unexpectedly for himself, begins to draw, someone sing and dance, and someone (for example, like me) write books and poems, draw and study in depth the basics of economics, finance and alternative directions in trade. And how is all this to be understood? And everything is very simple. As the years pass, you suddenly realize that all the past years you have been doing not at all what you wanted. I don’t want to believe it, but the facts are stubborn things. One day, Mr. Great accident plunges you into the abyss of events that will forever change your entire existence. Now you are not the same as yesterday.


The vector of direction has changed so much that you began to understand - since you lived before that - you cannot live. And you begin to gradually change yourself in the first place, realizing that very soon the world around you will also change, adding, finally, more colors to the pages of your life, and then all this will spill out onto the surrounding reality. The main thing here is to understand that having thrown off the unnecessary ballast of the past worthless days of existence, you move into a completely different basis of your life, where creativity comes first. You yourself are now entering the space of your internal resources, where there are no longer the framework of prohibitions and unnecessary other people's assessments.


Becoming a person and feeling yourself as a Human, you gain real freedom, and freedom is the basis where everything is done with love, understanding and a feeling of your inner strength, leading you to creation, and not to destruction within yourself. And all that was needed was to go beyond the circle of prohibitions, to get the freedom to perceive the world around you as it is - with all its multifaceted beauty. But at the same time - adding exactly what you wanted, for life to acquire a palette of colors. Now you are an artist and a singer, a poet and a writer - there are no prohibitions and taboos in life, based on worthless assessments. And then everything falls into place - there are no restrictions, creativity and inner forces have awakened, you are now capable of a lot.


Life, and not existence, will immediately provide you with such endless possibilities that, feeling all this potential in yourself, you are ready to change the same gray world around you, into a world full of colors, beauty, happiness and delight. And here it is appropriate to recall just the past days, filled with unnecessary fuss, which has a destructive effect not only on you, but on everyone. And you understand that it is you who must do something so constructive and useful for society, so that other people feel the very freedom that you received. The whole Universe opens before us, it remains only to open the door and enter, so that everyone can create, live and enjoy together.


Each of us who have reached a certain age and become successful in this life is able to develop not only our creativity, intellect and even hobbies, using our talent, which is given to someone by nature or as they say from God. But also to develop any promising social areas in communities that he likes. This is the life basis that a person wants to receive and develop together with someone. It's good if both the organizers of the community (as an example, the Silver Bloggers Community) and the authors or bloggers live, as they say, on the same wavelength. Then the community, with joint efforts and desires, will develop rapidly, giving its members the opportunity to do everything so that the creative process shows growth. Life without creativity, without spiritual fire is impossible. Either there is light, or dullness and haze. We understand very well that then a person loses the meaning of developing, living and loving.


The whole process goes on an inclined plane to destruction. In this case, the one who has lost the light - wanders in the dark or stumbles into emptiness, as to his last line - not understanding that he has lost only the meaning in this life, but also the feeling of beauty. The beauty of the perception of the world as a whole and the perception of the world are not in gray and monotonous tones, but with a full palette of colors that are given to all of us at birth. When we are young, we do not want to think about how to decorate our path, but at an age that comes with a philosophical understanding of the life already lived, we understand that it was precisely creative burning that was lacking there, in the past years. But to go back again will not work to correct a mistake in life! This is the most indisputable act that many people do not like. Why? Because they did not have time to realize it. But all this can be fixed by participating in some kind of creative process in the communities where we are today.


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