A terrible disease and entries from my diary on coronavirus. Part 3


After 11.00 a.m. decided to throw himself out into the street and make a march. I did not walk much - only 2 km, but at an accelerated pace and with a load of 30 kg. All that way according to army standards. To say that everything is fine is impossible, since the state is still swinging. Throws my frail body, now as a gift, then in the cold. But after this assault, my condition improved, it became somehow easy - both to breathe and to move. But I understood that this is a temporary indicator, the good thing is that then I again drove some of the ailment out of myself. I sweated over these 2 km just incredibly, as if I ran a six. The measurement parameters are as follows - the temperature is 36.6, and the pressure is 154 to 87. However, this disease loads. I'll see what happens after lunch? Time has gone, where only you do not know? But I think it's for the better.


Well, now the time is 14.00. and I take measurements - the temperature returned to its previous stage at 37.0, the pressure became higher than 160 by 90. This is bad. Apparently, it should be after 4 pm. get up for push-ups again and pull-ups? Because the joints hurt again, a dry cough appeared. But there is also a definite victory - the nasopharynx works fine, it was cleared, however. Gargling with sea salt is a great topic for expelling pathogenic bacteria (read - snot) from my body. I brewed fresh Ivan-tea with thyme for the healing process. This is an excellent prophylaxis for any colds. And yet, I remembered. In the morning, my sense of smell disappeared again, but the taste of food appeared. It's strange somehow. Yesterday I had neither the one nor the other. Today I got some more salted bacon to do this with a shock like that with garlic on the crown.


I read the post @ chika25, which @ unik09 threw me, for which many thanks to him and Maria. I liked this post and what it says is a very good guide to action for everyone. Of all that has been said, I liked more about the properties of calendula. Every year I collect this wonderful medicinal plant in large quantities and give it to everyone who wishes. Jokingly I call calendula as a remedy for thousands of diseases and various ailments. But this is a digression from my diary, which I am writing on the way out of this "terrible" disease, called the "plague of the 21st century." I, and many have already realized that all the crap with the coronavirus and the pandemic was specially invented in order to cover up the real promotion of the destruction of a huge number of people all over the planet under this "sign". All this is not a virus, but a real bacterium and not one and launch them, constantly changing the list.



Sweat a lot that night, which is good. I changed four T-shirts. And one moment. Every night I have chopped onions on my nightstand next to my bed. The whole room seems to be fragrant? But I still don’t feel it, the smell has not yet arrived and today. In the evening I drank tea, just with calendula and thyme. He also drank aspirin, and at night he took a mug of Ivan-tea with honey. I also eat walnuts and butter. At the same time I drink a lot of water, except for tea. I woke up early in the morning and went out into the street - a little beat a brick wall (instead of a pear) in the yard and squeezed out a little. Already in the house I hung on the horizontal bar and went to take water procedures. I measured my temperature - today it has stabilized at 36.6, but my head still hurts and there is a dry cough. But I think that everything should go away in a couple of days, because calendula, thyme and Ivan tea perfectly restore immunity. And as a supplement - every day I take 30 grams of herbal balm, my daughter and son-in-law bought it last year in Kazan. A very good balm, but I don’t smell its smell either... It was the 3rd day of my illness - January 19, 2021, time 11.30 o'clock. After lunch at 14.00 o'clock. I'm going to swim in the ice hole in order to completely expel all this infection from myself. Of course, I will write about the results and sensations.


Photos to the topic of this post have nothing to do with it. These are just beautiful photographs about our amazing nature of the Southern Urals in Russia and Beauty, where mainly the genre is Landscape and Winter. Well, since Beauty is the basis of any creativity, it means that here photos are perfect to admire when reading this post (even about such a terrible disease as coronavirus). Although these are just my entries from the diary, which I kept as soon as I fell ill with Covid-19.

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