Why is it that we grow old and still feel young?

This has long been a fascinating enigma for me, one of life's mysteries that I have intermittently dwelled upon over the years. I chat with the older age group about this concept because growing older and feeling young intrigues me.

But despite still feeling like that 20 year old, the mirror image of wrinkles and bronze silver hair clearly tells me that my body is growing older. I absolutely fit into the #silverbloggers community and proudly so.

I am also an example of opposites, what I call one of the dualities of life.

Is the feeling of youthfulness the reason why sick senior aged parents resists complete dependence on their families, living in aged care facilities and immobility? I know that no older person willingly agrees to leave their homes to be cared for, to be reliant on others, to hang their self-worth at the door of their one room bedrooms.

The first time I heard about this duality of getting older and still feeling youthful came from my mother, who had just turned 83. A couple of years before she passed, she explained her health problems and slowing down, to her body wearing out. It was a matter of fact. My darling mother was a wise old owl who kept all her mental faculties, humour, love and kindness till the end.

Over the years I have talked to many middle aged and senior aged people about how they feel as opposed to how they physically look. They all feel youthful. I see their eyes light up, smiles fill their faces as they happily chat away.

As we grow older may we all continue to think and act young no matter what life throws us. It is a tough one when the body gets old and sick. We need fortitude, wisdom and strength of character to accept. And for wonderful loving and kind families who are caring for bed-ridden aged parents I take my hat off to you all.

Thank you for your touching post from 4 days ago dear kind @lizelle, When Life Starts Fading. Your words have been great motivator for my post.

Regards to you all.

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It seems fitting to finish this post with a bird loving flowering shrub from my garden. How the birds and bees love this flowering shrub. The beauty is a fabulous example of the magical power of mother nature, it is so perfectly beautiful to look at as well as a source of food the insects and bird visitors to my place. And may I never stop loving flowers.

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