A bag of tricks

Have you ever felt a miracle is the only solution to an insolvable problem materialising at the eleventh hour? Could this be a universal challenge for one and all? I have watched crazy movies made on this kind of last minute got to get a certain gift before the shops close at midnight and have always vowed not to watch any more of these movies and never to become a manic last minute shopper.

Well, I am sad to admit that I was on my way of falling into the deranged 'mother' shopper pit when my grown up daughter rang early this morning, on her way to work with a heartfelt plea to find her a crystal ball for her Halloween 'fortune teller' costume for Saturday night. Would you believe I went into mother I will help mode straight away? My immediate answer was, I'll check out Gone Bonker's, the variety 'got everything store' this morning, it is sure to have one as I was positive I had seen them on the shelves.

Despite feeling insanely hopeful Gone Bonkers would have a crystal ball, it did not! For one little nano second I felt myself turning into a manic last minute shopper, until I spied a little blue glass ball hanging in a macrame string. My imagination went into overtime! A-haa, my crystal ball was on the shelf after all.

Feeling immensely relieved I took it home to transform this ball into a crystal ball with my husband's practical helping mind.

Was it magic or a miracle? Maybe, but what I am certain of is that a creative imagination and determination were dragged out of my 'mothering' well used bag of tricks. Thank goodness! Though to be truthful I am wondering how well the fortune teller will see people's futures in this crystal ball on Saturday night! Maybe it will be magical.

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I am finishing my post with a flower only because I can!

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