Larry and his friends sniff print smell - #249th Larry is alive contest

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Hi Alivers and Hivers near and far,

Larry is ready to come down this morning but before having breakfast by an eye at the cryptomarket.

Among the hundreds of his passions he found the one that, finally, after a long life to look for something that inspired him, gives him a push to deepen and makes him dream.

Blockchain is a solution that can be useful for all of humanity. A country where it is indispensable is Italy and has decided to live in Naples because it is a revolutionary city.

As soon as he saw the screen colored exclusively red he regretted having access to the monitor and turned off everything immediately. He’s got something on his mind, but he can’t wait to get to work.

Obviously, he is to meet someone who gives him an insight into what is going on. How is it that such a promising and curly industry of huge values its fallen prey again to the bears.


Arrived in the district of Listenerds rushes into the cafe Lightroom a Neapolitan bar run by an old Italian American owner returned from the States to bring his entrepreneurial spirit to the center of the Gulf of Naples.

From the window he had seen one of his influencers who was tasting coffee and eating breakfast at the table. Larry sits agent to him obviously first sits down and then asks permission to sit.

He immediately asked what happened to Tom Windball and exclaimed: "You saw Bitcoin came down in a single night of a thousand euros!". Tim replies: "Finally! He’s back down! I had placed the orders at $10,000, but these incompetent and ignorant people who follow the cryptomarket started to buy before it was already definitely. Have you seen the financial incompetence around here?"

Larry interrupted the great Tom and stopped his hatred with a joke. " Because the market should behave as you wish, everyone does what they want." And without giving him a chance to answer, he pays the bill and resumes his work because he has already understood everything.

Tom Lightroom owes his success to the fact that he is a person who says things as they are and he does not like lapses of words. He never imagined he would be liquidated by anyone. But we know Larry always has the surprise shot in the chamber.

After delivering all his correspondence to his clients and having read Larry, he sets out on his daily work itinerary.

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Arriving in the neighborhood of "Free Advertising for you", Larry met an old acquaintance. David IToldYou is a rich financial market enthusiast whose age is unknown in the city, one of the many mysteries of Naples not yet revealed.

Larry, despite being late today and at risk of doing many hours of overtime, could not hold back his economic and financial curiosity of strategic geopolitics and asked him about the recent Pump on the financial markets. Maybe he had some insight into his own.

David looked at Larry with the scornful and ironic grin of the one who expected that question and told him, "Vultures smell easy money. You know, Larry, the last tightening lasted less than a hummingbird flap. How long will the government be able to resist before starting to reactivate the presses? The drama has already lasted long enough."

Larry shaken by that answer did not lose heart and the obvious question to David was: "So what should we do?"
David was surprised that Larry hadn’t figured it out yet and said, "as you walk through the streets of this lost and proud city of the glorious past try to find the answer you already have in the capabilities of your intellect but if you just can’t ask our friend at the last stop"

Here he delivery 15 "1K Club banner ad" clicks.

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At this point John Fox, aucune was very keen to talk to someone who would listen to him, he tells Larry if he agrees that John accompany him on his work tour.

Larry is enthusiastic about John’s proposal and is always ready to take advantage of the great opportunities that life provides. Together they arrive in the district of Traffic ad bar

Tom now picks up where he left off:
They say that there is inflation because the economy is recovering but the reality is that prices rise because there is a strong speculation on commodities or commodities and that continues even when rates rise.

If you raise rates and lack the liquidity to invest companies will lay off employees who will weigh on the state budgets for subsidies and spend less causing a deficit in demand and companies will be forced to sell to pieces lowered until they go in loss and will close.

This is the deflationary spiral that can lead to a major economic crisis. It cannot be kept for long so they increase rates quickly if they only wanted to do such a tightening should be done much more slowly. This so steep increase in rates probably and only a bluff and can not last long.

Here they do a great job and have reached 30 websites and get no hits.
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Arrived in the Infinity traffic boost area Larry asks John Fox if he was sure of the follies he was saying but these are things that on TV he did not usually hear but crazy stuff. At which John argues Larry that everyone has his own opinion but, the main stream version is a fairy tale to tell children.

The truth is that such a sudden rise in rates is causing problems for state deficits and cannot be kept for long, otherwise the system fails and now no one can afford it.

You will see that soon they will return to printing money and will have to rent the press of newspapers that, at the time of the blockchain, have become useless to their original purpose. Here Sam and Larry deliver 10 e-mails and prepare to cross the threshold of the last neighborhood.

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Speaking of which, here they are in the neighborhood of Leadsleap where John Fox told Larry: I recommend not to listen to anyone. Think about yourself and focus on your work. Study economics and if you want to invest you know what to do no?

He meant that if Larry wanted to invest money he should consult with John Fox, who knows his trade, but then Larry shot down the well-known and very good financial advisor and said: "Of course I know what to do I have to disinvest from speculative investments and invest in real economy".

At this point our friends greeted each other as Larry proceeded to deliver the last 25 letters he had left and performed his end-of-shift routine duties.

But the last routine was actually eating a pizza and a panzerotto at his favorite takeaway. Now it’s time to go for a walk in the park to relax and use his favorite app #actifit.


Faucet, Offerwalls, Shortlink, PTC and a very good mining game


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