HIVE OPEN MIC WEEK 74 - Kuldesak By Ubay

hello everyone, my name is ubay, today i re-entered the hive open mic week 74 contest, today i will bring a song from the theme mentioned by hive open mic, namely protection. I immediately thought of God. Who can solve our big problem except God? this song is called KULDESAK, which means a dead end, when we are facing many problems then God's help is what we need, this song tells us that we are humans, nothing, but just a grain of dust in the desert.

this song is very religious, when we get lost and don't know the direction of life we need help and protection from God, therefore this song is very suitable for me to bring, just information that this song was created by andra and ahmad dhani, i really like the sound both and all tones

I always sing this song when I hang out with my work friends

I hope you all like it

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