Hive openmic #74 | My original song - CREAPING TO LIFE

Hello hivers!
This video recommends using headphones for amazing sound!
This is the 74th hive openmic.
how are you today? Have you eaten a lot today ???😁 Eat a lot and nutritious so that our immune system is strong💪😊
I hope we are all in good health and away from various diseases.

Hive openmic #74 this time with the theme of protection. Talking about protection I want to share a little story about this song.
This song was created when I contracted the covid-19 virus. For almost 2 weeks I was in isolation and lying on a bed. To relieve boredom, I always played my guitar until this song was created.

Since that incident I have always protected myself by following the health protocols in my country, to always wear a mask, keep a distance in large crowds of people, always clean my hands with soap. Hopefully this pandemic will end soon and enjoy this song. Headphones are recommended for amazing results!

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