🎵 Hive Open Mic 77: “Joie de Vivre” | Weekly Update + New Spotlight Artist

Hive Open Mic ( #openmic ) is a global community celebrating live music on Hive. Each week is a new event, encouraging musicians to share songs with an international audience.

🎵 Weekly Update

Celebrating 77 weeks of Hive Open Mic


The 77th consecutive Hive Open Mic event ran from September 26-October 2, 2021, with the theme: Joie de Vivre (Joy of Living). This theme was selected by Spotlight Artist: @ylich, who is a gentle giant of a musician. It feels fitting to start the highlights with the song he shared this week, as it exemplifies the spirit of joie de vivre.

A quién no le va a gustar (Cover)

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@ylich strums the Venezuelan cuatro at a thousand miles per hour. Yeow! Amazing energy on display here, through his strumming and singing too. This community is fortunate to share space with a total music pro. I'm happy seeing this live music performance appreciated through the audience applause, with enthusiastic upvotes and comments.

"WAOOO! Que temaso escogiste! Que viva Venezuela! Gran interpretación nos vuelves a mostrar esta semana."@alinares

"Mas sabroso imposible, que rico sonó ese cuatro, orgullo venezolano. Graciasssss."@soyunasantacruz

"I love the energy of the performance chief. You did so well!!"@ebingo

🌟 Spotlight Artist

Debes comprenderme (Cover) by @betzaelcorvo

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@betzaelcorvo shows a different angle of joie de vivre through "a passionate song that speaks of true love," in the artist's words. He says, "It reminds me of those times of bonfires and guitars, on the seashore in the moonlight, what good times that must be repeated." This sounds like paradise to me. Pure joy! Experiences such as these are the simple pleasures that make life so enjoyable.

I feel joie de vivre just listening to this song. I appreciate the vulnerability I sense in the high notes, reaching out, raw, and real. The song holds a tender emotional feeling, which is reflected in the way the song carrier plays and sings it. Sensitive, passionate, and brimming with artistry.

"Amigo has llegado a nuestro corazón con esta interpretación, que bella canción y lo has hecho con tu voz única, un perfomance impecable. Nos encanta. Te felicitamos de corazon." 💫🙏🤗 —@musicandreview

I am pleased to acknowledge this musician as this week's Spotlight Artist. As a token of appreciation, I'm happy to invite him to choose our community's Hive Open Mic theme for our upcoming week 82. @betzaelcorvo, please choose a theme that will inspire and enliven us as we explore new territory as artists. Just name it in the comments below, and we're good to go!


💛 Pillar of the Community

This week, I am inspired to launch a new reward for a person who is particularly respectful and influential. This special recognition goes toward someone who serves as an active audience member, offering applause and encouragement to musicians. It is with Great Spirit that I announce our first "Pillar of the Community": @cochanet.

I am thankful for her generous listening and commenting. In this week’s event, she offered some of the most encouraging words I’ve ever witnessed here through the attention she showed toward other artists. For her willingness to listen twice and talk once, she shows us what our community wants most of all: engagement. As a reward, we are pinning her post at the top of our community page.

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🔥 Bright Newcomers

Vivir mi Vida (Cover) by @carlosehijos55

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@carlosehijos55 is a father-son combo, showing awesome artistry in this song. Who is with me in feeling joy witnessing this?! The boy sings so handsomely at a young age, and his father's supportive musical influence is clear to see.

"Que duo mas bueno!!! El cantante joven ha dado su corazon a la interpretacion." 🙃 —@mipiano

"Que bonito es ver a padre e hijo compartir una misma pasión y de eso se trata vivir la vida, me alegró mi día escuchar tu hermosa voz mi niño."@cochanet

Se te olvida (Cover) by @eltrendelsaber

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@eltrendelsaber shares her pleasant singing, sharing the romantic side of joy.

"Me da mucha alegría que la plataforma este llena de tantos talentos hermosos como el tuyo."@mariajruizb

A Vida es un Carnaval (Cover) by @yonniel24

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@yonniel24 gives us a glimpse of his musical gifts. He brings an enthusiastic song, upbeat and funloving. Song by Celia Cruz.

Tan Enamorados (Cover) by @elinorgg

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@elinorgg shares a song in the karaoke style.

"Te felicito por motivarte y arriesgarte con un tema que aunque suena sencillo tiene su grado de dificultad."@almeidamusic

Brindis (Cover) by @moisessenior

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@moisessenior voices a song that shows his sensitive side.

💎 Precious Gems

La Gran Fiestas / The Big Party (Cover) by @karlaquinviolin

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@karlaquinviolin continues to radiate. She radiates! She radiates!! I feel her joy will light up the world. To me, this song expresses the idea that life is a gift, designed to be enjoyed. I believe we are right to celebrate life, experiencing all the joys available to us.

"La fuerza latina a llegado a Open Mic a través de tu increíble entrada."@jesuslnrs

Razón de Vivir / Reason for living (Cover) by @osomeltrozo ft @dealtokilate

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@osomeltrozo teams up with his sister @dealtokilate to express their joy. I so admire the talents on display here, including this man's excellence as a singer and also a recording artist. His sister's harmonious singing is the icing on the cake. Song by Victor Heredia of Argentina.

"Ustedes cuando se unen hacen un trabajo único y especial, son grandes artistas."@musicandreview

Escríbeme una carta (Cover) by @jeanfrancopit

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@jeanfrancopit brings a richness of artistry in his musicianship. To me, it is a total pleasure hearing him sing and strum. I feel fortunate to listen.

"que genial interpretación, la letra es muy bonita."@emily20

Feeling Good (Cover) by @hanselmusic

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@hanselmusic gives a soulful performance of a song that gives another flavor to the joie de vivre feeling. To me, this performance is excellent in its artistry, and powerful in its soothing. I feel the joy.

"Wow the truth but quite masterful."@nahupuku

"I really enjoyed the little minutes I spent watching your play you killed it boss. I love that."@mayorkeys

Serenity Prayer (Cover) by @ebingo

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@ebingo stretches himself into new territory by jumping behind an instrument we haven't heard him play before. He accompanies his fine vocal talents with keyboard accompaniment, and he achieves this with a expression that is exceedingly joyful. Love it.

"What a beautiful song, and again with your keyboard, you did excellent Bro, many successes and blessings for this week." 👊😎🔥 —@fernanblog

Alegria de Vivir (Cover) by @elmusiquito

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@elmusiquito shares a song that brings me goosebumps, making me move and feel the good vibration. I believe this is the first time I've heard him play piano, and I'm impressed by his strengths. I also like the beat he brings. Ah, there are so many facets of joyful living, and this week's event showcases a wide array. Song by Ray Heredia of Spain.

Joy (Cover) by @benii

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@benii shares her joyful smiles like flowers blooming. To me, it is a pleasure to hear her voice and to see her vibrant way of conducting herself. Song by Vashawn Mitchell.

"Saludos @benii una vez mas disfruto de tu bonita voz, excelente trabajo."@lois2021

Vivo / Alive (Cover) by @naradamoon

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@naradamoon goes through the waves, rolling up and down in the emotions, and I love that he shares his journey with us. This song brings a comfort to me. I like the way he strikes the falsetto part with excellent tonality, and I admire the curious chords he finds on the guitar. Song by Gustavo Cerati.

La alegría de vivir / The joy of living (Original) by @lecumberre

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@lecumberre delivers an original song that once again reveals his brilliant creative fire. His musical compositions often feel like medicine to me, remedying an anxious feeling one day, or a worried feeling another day... bringing be back to the happy state of being where I want to be.

"What a great composition you have just presented, where it reminds us that it is better to lead life with a smile, since it opens more doors than a key, of It was really a pleasure to listen to you."@cochanet

"Bonita letra y ritmo, inspira mucha alegría!"@nataliaeline


⭐ Acknowledgements

Today's weekly update showcases a small selection of songs that stand out to me personally. Numerous other songs can be explored and enjoyed, beyond this list of newcomers and gems. My intention is to acknowledge the excellent artistry, the supportive community involvement, and above all else: Global Harmony—this is what our community stands for.

Behind the scenes, Hive Open Mic moderators devote many hours each week to listening, commenting, curating, and creating for this community. The moderation task is a big undertaking, and I'm thankful to @mipiano and @jesuslnrs for their active involvement. Additional thanks goes to the OCD Community Incubation Program, who rewards our musicians with generous upvotes.

I am grateful to every musician who expressed themselves this week through the Hive Open Mic community. It is beautiful to witness the connections we create through the songs we carry and share. I believe the entire world benefits through the harmony that music gives to us. I especially appreciate the listeners who support the musicians, through claps, finger snaps, upvotes, and encouraging words. Thank you.

🌞 Invitation


Hive Open Mic - Week 78 is underway now.

This week's invitation is: “Amante” (Lover)


Join in. Enjoy!

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