🎵 Hive Open Mic 72: “Global Harmony” | Weekly Update + New Spotlight Artist

Hive Open Mic ( #openmic ) is a global community celebrating live music on Hive. Each week is a new event, encouraging musicians to share songs with an international audience.

🎵 Weekly Update

Celebrating 72 weeks of Hive Open Mic


The 72nd consecutive Hive Open Mic event ran from August 22-28, 2021, with the theme: Global Harmony. This week, we tried something new, inviting musicians to participate in singing one song. We joined our voices and instruments together, demonstrating the harmonizing power of music. In this way, we made a powerful statement of world peace.

The video you're about to see is a mashup, created by blending 60+ performances, featuring ~72 Hive musicians. The result is a unique presentation of this song we shared around the world, bringing together our hearts through our art. I am so proud of us. I trust this music will reach far and wide, touching the souls who are so ready to receive it and resonate with what we've achieved.

Simple Pretty Melody

Here is the full list of Hive musicians appearing in this video, in order of appearance: @mipiano, @andrewmusic, @jesusmedit, @gabo2, @padom2020, @ricardomello, @cabelindsay, @benii, @hanselmusic, @sparkler005, @laritheghost, @ipul27, @fernanblog, @juliopalomo, @ylich, @jorge234nv, @susamusic, @musicandreview, @joseguira, @bonisbass1, @coraspe, @ruiz1, @iefersoto, @jesuslnrs, @orimusic, @betzaelcorvo, @callmeenjoy, @rosana6, @rut2, @joval24, @oscarcampos86, @nancybmp, @ali1, @ungranulises, @orianasalas, @zorajr, @daniel2001, @esteliopadilla, @reinamalinda, @franckmusic.ymas, @lk666, @francisdesousa, @walson3, @stefanovah, @catalellazp, @ebingo, @alejandrorigo, @brujulamusical, @colorcareer, @andreasalas, @jontv, @armandolnrs, @jhoxiris, @jrcenteno, @eulymer, @maitt87, @kat.eli, @aichel, @dealtokilate, @nahupuku, @elmusiquito, @siul1987, @osomeltrozo, @irissol, @lasembradora, and @familia.linares.

🌟 Spotlight Artist

Simple Melodía (Cover) by @ylich

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@ylich creates something that is amazing. He is amazing. Here, he shows his versatility as a musician, playing various instruments, singing, and rapping like champion! It is a fantastic contribution to the mash-up, and it stands alone as a wonderful musical expression.

I am pleased to acknowledge this musician as this week's Spotlight Artist. As a token of appreciation, I'm happy to invite him to choose our community's Hive Open Mic theme for our upcoming week 77. @ylich, please choose a theme that will inspire and enliven us as we explore new territory as artists. Just name it in the comments below, and we're good to go!

🔥 Bright Newcomers

Simple Melodía (Cover) by @fernanblog of Medellín, Colombia

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@fernanblog gives a precious gift joining forces with musicians from around the world. His musical talents are immense, being a great guitarist and vocalist.

Simple Pretty Melody (Cover) by @benii of Nigeria

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@benii arrives with a delightful singing voice, and a terrific presence. She is one of the first vocalists to appear in the mash-up, bringing joy and peace, setting the tone for the 10-verse song.

Simple Melodía (Cover) by @bonisbass1 of Venezuela

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@bonisbass1 brings a big smile to my face, singing so beautifully. Her voice stands out among the many voices that make up the choirs that carry the song in unity and harmony this week.

⭐ Gold Stars

Simple Melodía (Cover) by @maitt87

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@maitt87 is the first musician to participate in this week's special invitation. I am so grateful to her for being the first to bring a big smile to my face, and some happy little teardrops. She carries the song in a pleasant way, brilliantly and beautifully.

Simple Melodía (Cover) by @andrewmusic

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@andrewmusic impresses me majorly with his creation here. His electric guitar performance is stellar, and contributes an incredible energy and vibrancy and richness to the mash-up.

Simple Melodía (Cover) by @familia.linares

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@familia.linares takes my breath away with this performance. It is such a pleasure to hear these gorgeous voices, singing like a choir of angels. Outside of this tribe of five, additional family members participate this week too, each in a very special way.

Simple Melodía (Cover) by @susamusic

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@susamusic gives a fabulous gift, vocalizing this song in various ways. Every note she sings is divinely pretty. I feel goosebumps, listening, filling with gratitude.

Simple Pretty Melody (Cover) by @mipiano of Spain

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@mipiano gives the song an immediate elegance and a sophistication, setting the foundation with her artful piano playing. I feel goosebumps as I listen, resonating.

Simple Pretty Melody (Cover) by @hanselmusic of Bogotá, Colombia

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@hanselmusic plays the keys awesomely, adding a fantastic synthesizer sound, which I so enjoy.

Simple Pretty Melody (Cover) by @lk666 of New Mexico, U.S.A.

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@lk666 delivers something entirely fresh and original, full of life and fine artistry. It gives the mash-up a certain spicy flavor that I greatly appreciate.

Simple Melodía (Cover) by @al1

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@al1 made some excellent contributions through three rounds of participation, involving various family members. Everyone does a super job of carrying the song.

Simple Melodía (Cover) by @betzaelcorvo

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@betzaelcorvo plays the song in an adorable way. His pleasant mellow tone is precious to me.

Simple Pretty Melody (Cover) by @ebingo of Nigeria

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@ebingo carries the song well with his handsome singing and finger snaps.

Simple Melodía (Cover) by @coraspe

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@coraspe delivers incredible beauty through his musical gifts, humming and harmonizing in the higher tones.


Today's weekly update showcases a small selection of songs that stand out to me personally. Numerous other songs can be explored and enjoyed, beyond this list of newcomers and gold stars. My intention is to acknowledge the excellent artistry, the supportive community involvement, and above all else: global harmony—this is what our community stands for.

Behind the scenes, Hive Open Mic moderators devote many hours each week to listening, commenting, curating, and creating for this community. The moderation task is a big undertaking, and I'm thankful to @mipiano, @jesuslnrs, @juliopalomo, @daniel2001, and @brujulamusical for their active involvement. Additional thanks goes to the OCD Community Incubation Program, who rewards our musicians with generous upvotes.

I am grateful to each of the ~140 Hive musicians who expressed themselves this week through the Hive Open Mic community. It is wonderful to witness the connections we create through the songs we carry and share. I believe the entire world benefits through the harmony that music gives to us. I appreciate the listeners among us, supporting the musicians, through claps, finger snaps, comments, and upvotes. Thank you.



Hive Open Mic - Week 73 is underway now.

This week's invitation is: “Humor + Love.”


Enjoy? Join in.

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