🎵 Hive Open Mic 61: “Retry” | Weekly Update + New Spotlight Artist

Hive Open Mic ( #openmic ) is a global community celebrating live music on Hive. Each week is a new event, encouraging musicians to share songs with an international audience.

Weekly Update

Hive Open Mic Week 61: June 6-12, 2021


I feel so happy seeing our community flourishing. There are real friendships forming here, across oceans. Musicians are finding their voices, refining their talents, and sharing their creative gifts. Listeners are listening generously, and creating meaningful connections through their encouraging comments. The feeling of kinship is bringing us closer together.

However, I'm hoping we can work together to improve one specific area: audience participation. It sounds like some of the musicians are feeling invisible, or under-appreciated, and this is understandable when comparisons happen between artists. So that's why I want to recognize those of us who are making an admirable effort to engage with others, showing support. Many of these people are mentioned in this post.

If you've ever attended an open mic event held in a pub or coffee shop, you know it is common for participating musicians to first sit in the audience, offering applause, listening respectfully to other musicians. This practice is rewarding to all sides, witnessing and being witnessed, expressing and connecting. Creator gave us just one mouth, and two ears, so let's listen twice... Aho.

This week, we explored what "Retry" means to us. This theme was selected by our recent Spotlight Artist: @rosana6. She is one of this community's most dedicated musicians, with entries nearly every week since the early days. She stands out as a music lover, covering songs that are contemplative in the lyrics, which she carries in the Folk style. Let's begin this week's highlights with her lovely entry.

La Fuerza del Destino / The Force of Destiny (Cover) by @rosana6

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@rosana6 delivers a great performance of an excellent song, aligning with her "Retry" theme. I admire the lighthearted lyrics, expressing the choice to be with someone because of the love and desire and connection and friendship... beyond the surface-level appearances. I appreciate the comment given by @familia.linares:

La Fuerza del Destino es el ejemplo perfecto de reintentar y tu versión es de las mejores que he escuchado de la misma. Es exquisito disfrutar de tu forma tan sublime de tocar la guitarra. Felicitaciones.

The Force of Destiny is the perfect example of retrying and your version is one of the best I've heard of it. It is exquisite to enjoy your sublime way of playing the guitar. Congratulations.


Spotlight Artist

If the world was ending / Si el mundo se acaba (Cover) by @kimberlycmq

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@kimberlycmq surprises me sometimes with the brilliance she brings to the Hive Open Mic. She is relatively new here, and so I don't know her well enough to have expectations about her skill level or community involvement. All I know is that she is braving new territory as an artist, and I honor that.

She is one of the rare few who is ready, willing, and able to sing a bilingual song. Why is is this significant? Singing a song in two languages embraces diversity, shows respect, overcomes language barriers, and treats others as sisters and brothers. These are steady steps on the path toward global harmony.

To me, this song stirs up something tender inside. The lyrics are sung so sweetly, in English and Spanish, transmitting peace. It sends the message: Live for love. What a joy. I am thankful to hear this music here, through this woman's voice, who carries the song in a way that lifts me, and holds me, feeling light.

I am pleased to acknowledge this musician as this week's Spotlight Artist. As a token of appreciation, I'm happy to invite her to choose our community's Hive Open Mic theme for our upcoming week 62. @kimberlycmq, please choose a theme that will inspire and enliven us as we explore new territory as artists. Just name it in the comments below, and we're good to go!


A Warm Welcome to Newcomers

La partida (Cover) @esteliopadilla

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@esteliopadilla shows superb artistry through his brilliant mandolin playing. I acknowledge another one of our community's fabulous musicians, @elmusiquito494, who wrote a great comment in support of this song:

Saludos @esteliopadilla soy un amante de la mandolina, me gusta mucho su tecnica es muy limpia su ejecucion, pronto subire un post tocando la mandolina, oirlo tocar me ha dado animo!!!

Greetings @esteliopadilla I am a mandolin lover, I really like his technique, his execution is very clean, soon I will upload a post playing the mandolin, hearing him play has encouraged me !!!

Take on me (Cover) by @jordanjosue

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@jordanjosue shows his vocal prowess, shining as he sings.

Retroceder (Cover) by @jimramones

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@jimramones performs a song that is a pleasure to hear. He is one of our first participants hailing from Peru.

Luz de Día (Cover) by @ungranulises

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@ungranulises demonstrates his originality, revealing a distinct style of presentation and performance.

Es Diferente (Cover) by @joseguira

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@joseguira shares his awesome musical talents.

Todo Va A Estar Bien (Cover) @nathyssan feat @colorcareer

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@nathyssan gives a powerful delivery of a song that is very empowering in its message: All is well. I appreciate @nancybmp for writing an encouraging comment for this entry:

¡Que cálido y bonito canta esta nueva integrante del Hive Open mic week! Disfrute de tu canto. Espero escucharte la próxima semana @nathyssan ;)

How warm and beautiful this new member of the Hive Open mic week sings! Enjoy your singing. Hope to hear from you next week @nathyssan;)

Un Siglo Sin Ti / A Century Without You (Cover) by @iefersoto

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@iefersoto brings two musicians together, sharing their talents.


Honorable Mentions

Cuando llega la Marea / When the tide comes (Original) by @adreini

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@adreini offers an original song that is absolutely amazing. I admire the storytelling, in which there is adversity, and then there is an answer / resolution / remedy: a song. So impressive!

El Reintento / The Retry (Original) by @lecumberre

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@lecumberre brings an exciting new flavor with this song's fast pace, and big energy. Superb songwriting and excellent playing. I feel blessed up! I appreciate a comment given by @cesarsj5:

Una excelente interpretación en la que realzas nuestro valor como Venezolanos, hay muchos ritmos que por desconocimiento no se disfrutan. Gracias a Dios y a las nuevas formas de llegar a la gente se puede difundir y Hive es una muestra de ello. Mis más sinceras felicitaciones por tu participación y sin duda la creación de este espacio donde semanalmente podemos mostrar nuestra música, se ha convertido en una herramienta inspiradora para seguir adelante, un motivo entre tantos para no dejar de hacer buena música.

An excellent performance in which you enhance our value as Venezuelans, there are many rhythms that are not enjoyed due to ignorance. Thanks to God and the new ways of reaching people it can be spread and Hive is an example of this. My most sincere congratulations for your participation and without a doubt the creation of this space where we can show our music on a weekly basis, has become an inspiring tool to move forward, one reason among so many not to stop making good music.

Para qué sufrir (Cover) by @mae1501

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@mae1501 shows us how to be light like a fire, sparkling bright. It is a real joy listening to her pretty voice. I appreciate a friendly comment by @nataliaeline:

Qué linda Mae! Tú voz suena super dulce, te quedó perfecto el estilo de la canción y ese acompañamiento de guitarra 👏🎶

How cute Mae! Your voice sounds super sweet, the style of the song and that guitar accompaniment were perfect 👏🎶

Retry (Original) @stefanovah

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@stefanovah presents an original song a cappella, demonstrating his talents for singing and songwriting.

El Abismo / The Abyss (Cover) by @auelitairene

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@auelitairene brings us a medicine song. I am filled with peace listening.

Morning Mood

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@mipiano shows up with the piano, the passion, and the magnificence, offering a song of divine beauty by Grieg, of Norway. I acknowledge @alinares for writing a great comment:

Es tan relajante y va totalmente acorde con el tema para mi, me hace imaginarme en un amanecer a punto de reintentar vivir y aprovechar todas las oportunidades que me ofrece un nuevo día. Un trabajo maravilloso, me alegra volver a verte tocar el piano.

It is so relaxing and totally in keeping with the theme for me, it makes me imagine myself in a sunrise about to retry living and taking advantage of all the opportunities that a new day offers me. A wonderful job, I'm glad to see you play the piano again.

Amanece (Hay Un Sentir) (Cover) by @zorajr

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@zorajr gives us another song with a brilliant message, played beautifully. My heart feels like a warm sun, shining, enjoying listening.

Regreso A Ti (Cover) by @hananv

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@hananv continues to shine through smiling voices, which bring joy to all who hear, I believe. I am thankful for the good medicine these two artists offer in their music.

Vida / Life (Cover) by @dealtokilate

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@dealtokilate delivers a powerful vocal performance. Wow! Her high notes at the 4:16 mark are exceptionally beautiful. And I appreciate the accompanying soundscape—kudos to @osomeltrozo for his support with that. Heavenly.

Volveré / I Will Be Back (Cover) by @osomeltrozo

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@osomeltrozo seems to be stepping up as a great leader in this community, lending his musical gifts to many other musicians here. In this song, his voice feels like a blast of electricity to me: enlivening, energizing... I feel your singing is a ray of light, and a gust of wind, and a penetrating wave. Awesome. I'm grateful to see this comment written by @cochanet:

Fue rico como siempre escuchar a @osomeltrozo, jejeje cuando lo escribo siento su voz vibrante diciendolo, siempre quise que estuviese aquí ya que así vería su presentación semanal lo cual es un lujo. Me alegra saber que disfruta cada semana en esta hermosa comunidad. Bendiciones.

It was rich as always to listen to @osomeltrozo, hehehe when I write it I feel his vibrant voice saying it, I always wanted him to be here since that is how I would see his weekly presentation which is a luxury. Glad to hear that you enjoy each week in this beautiful community. Blessings.

If I Could Try It Again (Original) by @acousticsteveo

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@acousticsteveo shares a special song, written in his youth with a friend. I notice something surprising that happens when he begins to play. His voice and his demeanor shifts in a beautiful way. In his intro, I sense he is timid, and nervous. Soon after strumming he gets into a zone of genius, I feel, resulting in confidence and composure. Isn't that cool?! What a gift, this music medicine.

Melancolía Tropical (Original) by @nahupuku

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@nahupuku gives a healthy dose of music medicine in this one-of-a-kind song. It is not only original, and inventive—I haven't heard anything quite like it. And I greatly appreciate the chance to listen and see what he's sharing. I also admire his introductory speech, offering both English and Spanish. I like the comment written by @mae1501:

Omg cuanta eleganciaaa ✨ Simplemente una interpretación impecable 🤗💚 Fiel admiradora de tu trabajo 💚

Omg how much eleganceaa ✨ Simply an impeccable interpretation 🤗💚 Faithful admirer of your work 💚

No Me Voy A Dar Por Vencido (Original) by @brujulamusical

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@brujulamusical shares an epic freestyle song, written on the fly, in the flow of life. Rad! I'm happy to see a great comment written by newcomer @iefersoto:

Siempre impresionas con tu gran talento de improvisación, voz, guitarra y sobre todo el exaltar el nombre de Dios, sigue así mi hermano, un gran abrazo!

You always impress with your great talent of improvisation, voice, guitar and above all exalting the name of God, continue like this my brother, a big hug!

Get In The Boat (Original) by @cabelindsay

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My entry this week is a song that recalls the story of Noah's Ark. To me, this epic tale talks about the end of the world, and the beginning of a new one, as an invitation to reassess, realign, and rejuvenate. I am so grateful to @lasembradora for writing such a kindhearted comment:

Que hermosa esta musica. Y saber que es tu propia composición me enorgullece. Hay fe en el futuro musical y aqui se demuestra.

How beautiful this music. And knowing that it is your own composition makes me proud. There is faith in the musical future and here it is demonstrated.



I give a loud and rowdy "THANK YOU!!!" to those who are working to build this community through their generous upvoting and commenting. It feels so good when we are acknowledged for our art, sharing our hearts. I appreciate every single listener, without whom there would be no audience and ultimately silence.

Whether or not your music is highlighted here, I hold high respect for each of the 120 Hive musicians who expressed themselves this week in the Hive Open Mic community. I am thankful for the bridges we cross through the songs we carry and share. I believe the entire world benefits through the global harmony that music makes possible.

"Try" is a pop rock song, popularized by Pink (2012), covered here by some extremely talented folk singers, who go by the band name Jayesslee. To me, this is an impressive live performance from an ordinary home environment. I am inspired by the simplicity.


I am grateful for the various ways this event stretches me as a music maker, generous listener, and patron of the arts. I enjoy the surprises, discovering songs that inspire me. I get the impression we're all making progress, sharing our art with the world, making steady steps toward global harmony. And our unique way of honoring artists is centered around live music. Fun!


Hive Open Mic - Week 62 is underway now.

This week's invitation is: “Healing Song.”


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