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A member of the hivenaija community requested that I talk extensively about how to become an important stakeholder on the hive blockchain. So this is my attempt at writing something comprehensive. I always like to share my experience because it is the most authentic information I can give.

I understand that a lot of Nigerians come into the hive blockchain to make a buck or two and I just want to reiterate here that there is absolutely nothing wrong with that and I will encourage people to make the best out of this opportunity. I have seen a lot of Nigerians who are living better lives thanks to hive.

The first thing you need to know is that it is very possible to be handsomely rewarded on hive, but the community requests something from you in return and that is your meaningful contribution to the blockchain. The most basic way to achieve this is by creating content.

Now, to be frank, not a lot of people are good at creating content and there are other ways to contribute meaningfully to the blockchain. I will be outlining some of them shortly.


Staking is one key way to show you are an active member of the hive community. By staking you are telling the community that you are in for the long term and part of the building process. Your commitment to the course is rewarded as you become part of the commonwealth of the hive blockchain with voting rights.

Asides from voting rights, staking also enables you to partake in the token distribution. You also get the chance to participate in hive governance (witness and proposal voting). Yes, there are people who run the chain and you get to choose who they are. It is called witness voting.

These are some core areas of the Blockchain most newbies are not familiar with and I urge them to. There is more to hive than just earning returns. Know who your witnesses are and what developments and changes that are being proposed on the Blockchain.


One of my biggest breaks on hive came through a Twitter campaign by nathanmars. It was a campaign that called upon active hive users to promote the blockchain on Twitter. It was far the most successful campaign we have had and guess who was there to contribute? Me! (and other well-meaning hivians).

Even during the hostile takeover of our sister chain, I was one of the many hivians who lent their voices to the course. It was an integral part of our history and i am proud to say i was part of it. I am probably not the best when it comes to staking but i endeavour to participate in any initiative that brings value to the chain. This is why the handle ‘nonswrites’ holds any value in this sphere.

There are many people who come here and think that creating content is the most important component of the blockchain. Some do a great job at it and some not quite, but it is really not what makes you stand out. You have to contribute meaningfully to the chain. Anyone who has been on the chain long enough will tell you the same.

In conclusion, it is important that you go beyond the daily ritual of posting and become part of the hive Blockchain. The more you see the bigger vision, the easier it is for you to navigate this sphere.

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My name is Chinonso Ekpemandu. I am a digital nomad. I create opinion pieces and share my life's journey on a decentralized platform called hive, whilst exploring the digital landscape for opportunities.


Discord: nonsowrites#0031
Twitter: iAM__NONSO
Telegram: @nonsowrites
BSC wallet: 0x88B30Cfe2cC50c84A673E7e0befF6b865D362E01
Bitcoin Address: bc1qprsj8vk576nev278ymqnxuc67vredaz0wjxymp

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