Let's Talk About My Crypto Experience - My Five Crypto Experiences

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How would I have thought that I'd be writing about this... My experience from getting involved with crypto currency because I was one of those who didn't even what a digital money is, so I was ignorant that it really does exist. Gone are those days for me but I would love to share how those days were for me.

My First Coin Experience - Ethereum investment

I heard so many people talk about crypto currency especially Bitcoin and ethereum but I didn't pay attention to them until my mum told me she invested in a coin called Ethereum. Can you imagine that? My mum got to understand a bit about crypto currency before me and that was because she listened to learn about it unlike me. I joined in investing on ethereum with my mum and that was when ethereum was a bit lower than 100 dollars.

Well I didn't learn about the whole process before I invested, I didn't know that it involved referring and having down lines, I couldn't keep up so I ended up with just a little fraction of what I invested and that coin is still in my wallet till date going up and down and I really don't care about it at all.

My Second Experience - Bitcoin Mining

This one was a very funny experience now that I think back about it. I got an opportunity to know what Bitcoin is, the highest growing coin and I was introduced into a mining site to get Bitcoin. I spent most of my time mining using my data and even asking for Hotspot to connect to during the times I couldn't get data. I referred people to join me and we mined so much while making plans on what to do with the money, I felt really happy with just the thought of earning so much for clicking and referring.

That was the most longest experience of crypto currency for me in ignorance, I mined till I found out it was all a scam. Tell you a funny thing, I didn't stop immediately 😂 I was forming faith that it might just turn out to be real after all. Well, that faith can be categorized into "O ye of little faith" because it didn't work out well in the end, I gave it up.

My Third Experience - Nigerian Coin, Pinkoin

I guess I didn't learn my lessons from investing in Ethereum and bringing down lines, I was introduced to a Nigerian coin called pinkoin where I also had to bring people to get a percentage of referring. I did that with so much effort, brought so many people into the system and it was going well for me until it was found out that the program only favored those who registered first.

I had made a lot of referral money but lost the bigger amount that was promised, I didn't feel too bad about it but thinking back to that time... I wasted quite a lot of time on it, wish I was told to do better than what I did.

My Fourth Experience - I Found Uptrennd

During the lock down just after the whole pinkoin drama, I was introduced into a crypto blogging platform called Uptrennd. I joined with the mind of earning their coin but I ended up falling in love with the spirit of writing which I thought was lost in me a long time before then. That was one thing I was most grateful for to Uptrennd.

well, Uptrennd crashed!!! It was so painful, like it crashed just after my first withdrawal and I still lost a lot in the process but not my zeal for writing though. I mourned for that platform for some days then I was introduced to Hive.

Hive!!! The Best Platform Ever


My mourning stopped immediately, I didn't feel like I lost anything after I got to know Hive. You know that feeling of "I finally found the right place to put in my effort?" I felt exactly that way after exploring Hive and writing my first post. I tried to exhibit all I learnt from the past platform and it helped me grow well on Hive.

Hive increased my knowledge on what crypto currency really is, improved my writing skills even better than I thought and Hive gave me more friends to interact with in just less than 7 months since I signed up. At a point, I started wishing I had found Hive earlier than Uptrennd but no regrets though. The main thing is that I'm finally on Hive and it's my last bus stop to explore the crypto world.

Learning more about Hive, I got to know about it's engine tokens like POB, LEO, DCC and many others which I have accumulated and I staked some and withdrew some. My first withdrawal from Hive felt like "I don show, my birthday go sweet" 😂 I remember telling my friends how I got all that money and they were surprised.

In all my experience, Hive got my back and I have agreed with Hive to forget about my past experiences in crypto if not for this contest that forced my mind to think back 😂 it's all well and good, I'll just keep enjoying my new and awesome ride on Hive.

This is my entry for the Hive-naija contest.

Thanks for reading!!!

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