Build-up to Anambra State Gubernatorial Election: Everyone says how dirty this game can be.

Do you play Politics? Well, I'm here to take the steps and have first hand experience of all it entails.

Today was quite dramatic. I felt different emotions while working as hard as possible to put smiles on the faces of desperate men and women. This isn't a fun-work and it's not exactly a work-work. It's an adventurous one with tons of experience to be gained. In all honesty, it's not really a work. Just an adventure.

I've been on this since two months ago but the role changes and it's becoming more serious, now more than ever. It's more like a contract. Each one can last for a couple of days before a recess, followed by more work adventure.

The role I'm playing now is simple. I visit the registration centre within my local government to make sure that anyone who wants to be registered into any structure of YPP (Young Progressive Party) will be given the best level of service. It's a free registration done both manually and digitally. Anyone that has a voters card would easily get registered into the party and subsequently get a membership card and other benefits attached.

Anambra state Election is fast approaching and anyone that knows about something like this can attest to the fact that build-up to such stuff can be very intense. It comes with rallies and meetings and campaigns and sensitization programs and co. I've held many of such Meetings and I get calls upon calls from various structures as regards this forthcoming election.

This is one of the things that is still keeping me in Anambra State else, I would have pushed on with my relocation plan. But I can countdown till the next few months when Anambra State will do their gubernatorial election before bidding farewell to the state for good and adventure sake.

My take on politics? It's not so different from what everyother person think.

Politics or anything related to it is never an easy thing. You can hardly have a clear picture of all it entails even at the grassroots level.

Overlook the grass and focus on the crowd 🤨

Anything that has to do with politics has never been interesting to me. I enjoy the game itself when it's done with zero violence, but honestly speaking, I've never voted in any state, federal or local government election in Nigeria. The highest level of involvement I've had before this day was in Student Union Elections, during my University days.

This time around, my path aligned with one of the highly-rated political parties in Anambra State and I plan to contribute my fair share of intelligence, hard work and smart work towards pushing my candidate to a position of authority as the governor of Anambra state.

Yeah, that's what I've been up to and I'm doing it in a way that is quite unusual. Not as a politician, though. I'm just a young lad that wants to sneak peek into the mindset of politicians in order to have first-hand experience of how these people think and act. Trust me, I've seen a lot of that within the last few weeks and I will be writing about them as time goes on.

Back to my role within this party, I have alot already.

On record, I'm the Media Officer of one of the structures in the foundation setted up by the gubernatorial candidate. Off record, I'm a crazy lad that runs wild with mind games - (Don't quote me anywhere) lol.

I have to admit, being in a position where you need to render service to people is not an easy thing. I do a lot of this online and I deal with the challenge that comes with it. Being cool-headed and in control of my emotion helps, especially when I'm dealing with people that do not react to instructions immediately.

What I do in this level of my life is thrilling albeit the challenges. I often consider myself a conversationist and I'm cross-cultural so, any opportunity I get to connect with people will invariably have a thrilling impact on me.

More wild stories will be published as we draw closer to the D-day. Just so you know, I'm always watching my six. I suggest you do the same if you are getting involved with politics.

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