Welcome to the Nigerian Hive Community


Hive Nigeria is an account set up to showcase, appreciate and reward content creators from Nigeria, as well as any content related to Nigeria.

The Aim

The aim of this project is to bring back the feel-good factor back to the Nigerian Hive community. We want to use this opportunity to reach out to as many Nigerians as possible, as well as showcase Nigeria to the world in a positive light. These are trying times for everyone out there, so we just want to spread as much cheer as possible.

Type of Content

We're looking out for any content that's related to Nigeria, so we'll be following the "nigeria" and "hive-naija" tag closely. We'll try to reach as many users of the tag as possible and give upvotes and Hive tips based on the quality of your content.

Contests and Participations

We will be hosting writing, photography and video contests, participants will receive Liquid steem rewards and stand a chance of getting big upvotes depending on the quality. All contests will be hosted in the Hive Naija Community.

Funding and Support

The account is currently self-funded by @belemo. Please consider delegating some Hive power to support our curation activities and grow the Nigerian Hive community.

Find us on Discord Here

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