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Hi guys, Nigeria is a country that is blessed with so many resources both human and natural resources but I really don't why everything looks so hard presently. Those who are salary earners who feed their families conveniently without any issues now find it difficult to feed. Many are borrowers. Cost of buying rice, beans, fish, beef, chicken, Turkey, vegetable oil and others have sky rocket. Sometimes I wonder how money just finish within few hours of going out. It's so sad and the Government keeps borrowing money from foreign countries without having concrete plan to return the money borrowed.

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We had a birthday party recently and some of our neighbors who live very close to us attended the party and we saw many who brought black nylon so that they can put their food inside. And they even collected extra and turned inside the nylon, this shows that there is great hunger in the town and the Government is turning deaf ears to this. Those who work are complaining daily about the hardship, talkless of the unemployed who don't even have any work to do and no pay.

I believe something has to be done, people always say the dollar is rising and I don't know how dollars have caused the increase in the price of beans in the Country, the beans and some other food crops are being planted in different parts of the country and yet their price keeps increasing. The Government need to do something very fast. Sometimes I see myself eating once a day because I know what it cost to eat 3 good meals. It's just so hard now.

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