魔術僧的故事 - The Magic Monk Story


Hey guys, it's Eddie the magic monk, in this video I am going to share with you my story, everything from how I started making youtube videos to now having close to 30 million views.

我跟我弟弟從小就開始打籃球。Youtube剛出來時,剛好攝影機也變便宜了 (手機當時還無法攝影),我就做了一些跟弟弟打籃球的影片放上Youtube。之後就忘了有這檔子事,專心在大學讀教育系。

I grew up playing basketball with my younger brother Phil. When Youtube first started and video cameras became cheaper, I made a couple of videos of Phil and I playing basketball and put them on Youtube. After that I forgot about making Youtube videos and carried on with my life as I studied to become a high school teacher.


當上老師並教了幾年書後,一位學生告訴我,他做了一個玩遊戲的影片放上Youtube,Youtube分給他錢做為獎勵。我聽了有點好奇,因為當時還沒聽說做Youtube影片可以賺錢。過了幾個月後,我竟然收到Youtube的一封郵件,說我的籃球影片有4000觀看次數,問我要不要開通收益 (monetize)。

After I worked as a high school teacher for a few years, one of my students told me that Youtube paid him money for making a gaming video. At the time nobody knew that Youtube paid people for videos so I was very intrigued, but I didn't do much about it. A couple of months later, I got an email from Youtube asking if I wanted to monetize my channel, as the basketball video I made with my brother got 4000 views.


Youtube 要給我錢我還挺驚訝的,因為我完全忘了有上傳過一個Youtube影片。我再次登入了我的Youtube帳號,並且開始思考還能做什麼影片。我的興趣愛好挺多,第一個便是功夫。我十三歲時開始練少林拳,十七歲時開始練太極。我做了一個表演少林拳的影片。因為我對功夫有興趣,而且又崇拜少林武僧,剛開始我的Youtube暱稱是防彈武僧,跟周潤發演的電影名稱一樣。

I was pretty shocked that Youtube wanted to pay me money as I totally forgot I had a uploaded a video onto Youtube. It made me log into my account and think about what other videos I can make. I have a wide variety of interests. The first of which is martial arts. When I was 13 I started practising Shaolin kung fu and when I was 17 I started practising Tai Chi. I made a video of myself performing Shaolin Kung Fu. I also gave myself the nickname "Bulletproof Monk" as I was inspired by both shaolin monks and the main character in the Chow Yun Fat movie Bulletprooof Monk.


雖然我的影片剛開始沒什麼人看,我發現自己挺喜歡做影片來分享我的興趣。我在二十幾到三十歲出頭時對跳搖擺舞十分有興趣,所以我開始做表演搖擺舞的影片。慢慢地我所有的表演都放上Youtube,包括跳嘻哈, 拉丁舞,音樂劇舞蹈,甚至彈鋼琴。我的表演都不是很完美,但也因此學到了不完美的影片也會有人看,因為上傳Youtube影片的意義在於分享個人的學習旅程。

Even though I wasn't getting many views and I wasn't getting paid yet, I found that I had a passion for sharing. In my late twenties to early thirties I had a passion for swing dancing, so I started making swing dance videos. Gradually I started putting up videos of all of my performances, such as salsa dancing, hip hop, musical theatre and even playing the piano. My videos were by no means perfect performances, but at the same time I noticed that videos that aren't perfect get views as well, as Youtube is about sharing your progress and improvement.


當我還在考慮做什麼種影片最好時,有一位Youtube創作者說,你什麼最厲害就做什麼。因為教書是我的職業,我知道我的強項就是教學。從小我就因為教我弟弟打球及數學而懂得如何教學,而且把我弟弟教到樣樣比我強。從十三歲開始,就有一個朋友的爸爸,因為看我會電腦,就請我當電腦家教,於是我開始教其他小孩電腦。我教他們如何使用各種軟體,例如Microsoft Office,並且給他們我自己編的講義。所以我開始在Youtube上做教學影片。

As I was still considering what type of videos I should make, another Youtuber recommended that I should be making videos of what I am the best at. Since teaching is my profession, I knew that my best talent is actually teaching people. Ever since I was little I practiced teaching on my brother, and he had become better than me at things that I originally taught him, such as basketball and maths. When I was only 13 I also tutored other children in basic computing, since not many people knew how to use computers at the time. One of my friends' parents who was also a teacher saw that I was good with computers so he took me under his wing and let me tutor his kids. I taught them how to use Microsoft Office applications and even gave them lesson notes that I made myself. All of this led to me start making tutorial videos on Youtube.



This opened up a whole new world of videos I can make, as I could literally teach anything that I knew how to do. Since I have the talent in explaining things to people, many people were drawn to my tutorial videos because they felt my explanations helped them more than other explanations. I started making tutorials for Tai Chi, dancing, basketball spinning, and even magic tricks. I also changed my name to Magic Monk instead of Bulletproof Monk, as I decided that it is probably better to have a unique name rather than a name of a movie, and I was teaching magic tricks on Youtube so why not.



Gradually I started making videos that are closer to what I do as a profession - teach math and computer science to high school students. Through work I noticed that most high school students struggle with Algebra, so I made a series of videos called "Anyone can do Algebra". The first video in this series received 163 thousand views. However, I noticed that my audience was primarily interested in my tech videos. My video on teaching touch typing has received over 3 million views, so to keep my audience happy I started making more and more tech troubleshooting videos. So this is basically a history of how my channel has evolved. I now have close to 30 million views mainly from tutorial videos on a wide range of topics, from computer programming to playing fortnite.



I hope you are inspired by this video and know that you are able to do anything in your life if you put your mind to it. Also, hit that like button, subscribe and I look forward to seeing your comments on my channel sometime in the future. Thanks for watching guys, I'll see you next time!

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