Hi From Hive: Your Journey on Hive is My Journey too


Hello there!

I am going to tell you in advance, this is going to be a mess. Don't expect a powerpoint presentation, or some bullet points, I will probably not even follow a traditional editorial line, and will just dive into my brain.

How can I talk about my journey on hive without being redundant?

Not so long ago I talked about my first power up in 3 years and what are my end goal by the end of the year, but prior to that, I already had the opportunity to express myself about what hive means to me, either explaining ๐Ÿ’ฅThe Journey from a point A to a point B to eventually a C (Part 1) ๐Ÿ˜ต, you can find part 2 and part 3, and maybe you can understand in details where I come from, and why Hive means so much to me, for many many many reasons.

Today, I won't be giving tips for musicians to get started, or explain how you can make a living with your art, but focus on what really matters here:


You and me, Hive, the community, which are the same people that built the previous community (STEEM) we have a special bond. I don't think I've been attached to a group of people before, I am actually a lone wolf, and try to keep a lot of things for myself, but maybe this isn't just a coincidence our name is HIVE, as we are starting to behave as such.

At first, it was very counterintuitive to talk about my feelings, my life, and to have people interested in what I had to say, or give here, felt very empowering. The hardest part, is to exchange with one another, without dumping on one another, which is sometimes very difficult to differentiate.

By this I mean, that we don't interact with others like on a traditional social media, where all interactions are very sterile. You can go randomly on any day of my blockchain, and grasp moments of lives, people sharing real, genuine, emotions and stories. That's rare... It also mean that sometimes, we overstep our boundaries. I think, because I felt so much that this community is a little bit like a family, I might have myself asked for help in a time when I needed it, but in retrospect, was not the right thing to do.
It's easy to say now, we are in France, we've accomplished what we set ourselves to, but if I could go back in time, I would have tried to approach the problem differently. I am forever thankful for the people that helped me, but every time you accept help, it's like a little bit of yourself is taken away.

My journey through hive as an artist, evolved thanks to the hours of work I've put every day, but it also was made possible thanks to all the people that supported my work. From the first upvote, to the last one, they all helped build my confidence throughout the years, from the first post in December 2017, to the latest one posted yesterday on my mums birthday (10/10/2021).

The purpose of this journey, is to always do better, than the previous time. It's all about the intentions that you put, if you are sincere with your audience, the rest with follow. I met some really fucking cool people along the way, I am missing on a whole bunch, but I just jumped randomly on some of my old posts and realized that the people commenting in 2018, some of them, the core, are still around and active here.

Funding Dreams

When we decided to move to France, I created a "fundme" page, it was very naรฏve of me at the time, to expect people to help, come to think of it , it was out of desperation at the time, and once again the community responded, helped, gave feedbacks, opinions, and supported the project.

God I cringe at the idea of this post!!

What's funny is the people that commented on these posts at the time, I am still talking to them today!

Angry Man

Angryman is what you expect, an angry man, often (accidentally) hilarious ๐Ÿ˜ and also grumpy, but this is a good combo. At the time he did not hesitate to send us something to help us move. He isn't the type to boast about how generous he is, but trust me, this one has a special place in god's heart, especially with what he is currently doing,[insert pussy joke here].

indeed, it did ๐Ÿ˜ƒ

Crypto & Coffee

Crypto and coffee, that's fucking crazy, I didn't even know we knew each other for that long! At the time I was complaining that it was so tough in South Africa for our mixed race kids, and Crypto showed some support, was very helpful in our move to France.
What's funny is that now we are constantly chatting sport on Sport Talk Social where I post about MMA every week (push-up challenge coming up this week!)
But yeah, I appreciate his point of view, always have a good financial advise to give, and we share the same love for South Africa, if you don't know about him, he is posting daily, and it's always informative and instructive.


Tyger (x2)

One of the nicest person I know, we are from very different ideologies, but Tyger has been sooooooo supportive, from helping us to move to France, helping us getting our dogs to France, helping me write songs, I actually feel that I should give her something back (you name it, you got it Tyger!!).

I also have to thank Dvine aka Denise, that is never too far, when Tyger is around ^^. I told you, we have some truly amazing people on this blockchain!!!



That dude, man! He is so talented, and did not hesitate to help when I created the post to get some help to move to France.
I've always been amazed by his work, and I think he is one of these creatives that add so much value to this blockchain



Real recognizes real, incredible to think that max is still around, and thriving, he recently celebrated his birthday, go send him a gift if you will. Happy Happy!



We chat with david on Instagram constantly, one of the first artist on hive (and steemit) that really took my breath away when I listened to one of his original work. You can imagine how difficult it is in Iran to earn crypto, that's why a platform like hive is so important, it enables artist like him to make a living with their incredible work.


Artie (and his half)

I really hate that guy ๐Ÿ˜
Alright, lot's of you know him already, he is a bit of a local celebrity, always stalking in my comment section, watch out, he is probably in yours right now.

His half Pura used to write me comments, I think I should create a NFT for this:



I am really happy that this guy is still around! Great human being, all around! Very supportive when I got my dogs back, always interested to see what he is up to!


Always a kind word for my music, and always helpful when it's time to give some guidance around the farm :)



I also only have good things to say about this sweed's half! Go check her out!



A really talented musician that doesn't post as much anymore, one of the first person to be supportive and coming up with some really original ways to be nice haha.


Once I had a conversation with a bot:


My first real interaction on the blockchain:


Dj Lethal SKillz, up to that day, is still someone I look up to, I still talk to him on a regular basis, he is nowadays involved in the project Emanate but still comes around from time to time to drop a post or a comment.

It always starts with one interaction, one person on this blockchain is going to give you an advice, a push, a nudge, and the rest, is up to you.

HIVE will bring evolution to your craft

And if you don't spend all the hard earned cash that you are making here, but instead decide to invest in equipment, lessons, and time, you could take your passion:

From This:

Hnet-image (1).gif

To this:

Hnet-image (2).gif

To This

Hnet-image (5).gif

To This

Hnet-image (8).gif

And there is no end to the learning process

Hnet-image (9).gif

Thanks again for reading, remember that this is just a catalyst of your journey, it's now up to you to decide how far you want the game to take you.

Me, personally, I feel that I've been powering up lately, and I am not just talking about staking, but I am more talking about the tasks I am ready to take, I also feel that before December, we will really have an influx of newcomers, and it will be up to us to guide them, and curate.

We also going to have to be ok with letting them have the big curators (ocd, qurator, Curangel) rewards, as some of us have now reached a new stage on this journey, it's now up to us to push more quality contents, push other creators the way we were helped when we started. We are growing up!

I would also feel terrible if I don't give a shout out to the communities that keep me busy:

You can also join the Hi from hive contest by @livinguktaiwan

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