Hi, This is Amber Kashif from Hive.

What a hive is for a bee,
The Hive is for me.
A place to be in a community I like
A destination to convert my efforts into product

My Hive journey began in the May of year 2021, 5 months from now. During this time, I have learned a lot as a writer and have found many supportive and creative people around me with whom the learning and growing opportunities are endless.

I started my blogging journey from another site that is now dead. The death of that site made me to move hee on Hive, and I am literally very thankful to God for bringing me to this platform. I found the opportunities here that I didn't see anywhere else.

The first thing that appealed me is that the communities on Hive are quite healthy. They not only provide a guideline for posting but also keep on launching initiatives, contest, prompts and engagement topics to keep the place alive. One can find his/her niche easily in a particular community and be surrounded by the people of one's kind. It helps in faster growth and development of new friends circle. For instance, for foodies and who cooking lovers, there is a community Foodies bee hive. For parents who want to share their experiences, the Motherhood community is here. For travellers and wanderers Wednesday walk community is opened. For stitching and embriodery lovers, needlework Monday community is welcoming. For creative designers Let's make a collage community is standing with arms opened. For the lovers of photography, there are several communities that are working deligently. There are many other communities and I am sure one would definitely find a community that fits his/her niche. In this way, one can portray the talent s/he possesses.

Another thing that I love about communities is that they are run by experts of the particular field who not only provide support but also the constructive feedback for the improvement of writing quality. I would especially like to name The inkwell community in this regard. The admins and the moderators visit each single entry, and discuss the strength and weaknesses of the partcular write up. Moreover, the catalogue for fiction writing provided by the community is quite helpful for the authors to improve their writing quality.

Writer's block and Hive are opposite to each other


If you really want to write, there is always something to write on this platform. Writer's block can never touch you on Hive.

There are always contests and prompts going on various communities. If you have no topic in your mind to write, you can choose to write on any of the prompt or contest topics.

I always loved to write but writing had never been easy for me. I had been very selective on the topics I should write on and this attitude of mine created barriers in my way of writing. I used to discard ideas after ideas and so left with only a few topics that I could write on. Hive platform helped me a lot in breaking the barriers. I started writing on the weekly prompt questions provided by ecotrain community, weekly contest by ladies of hive community, weekly prompt by the ink well community, monthly contest by crossculture community and weekly prompt by #pob-wotw.. In this way I not only always had something to write but also I realized that I can write even on the very small happening of my life about which I had never thought worthy of writing before.

Moreover, some fun- filled communities such as lovetheclouds, shadow hunters and reflection hunters do not need you to go in very tiring efforts for post creation. They simply applaud us for being creative and imaginative about the simple things we see around us all the time.

I am in love with the Proof of brain Community

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While there are several communities working great, the proof of brain Community is the one I loved the most. It has supported me since the very day I published my first post in the community.
It not only gives an opportunity to write on a wide array of subjects but also numerous contests and initiatives running in the community makes it a place for every kind of author to be in. You are free to write on fiction, non-fiction, poetry, daily happenings and routines, arts and photography. You are free to put your heart out any way you want. The community supports if there is a proof of brain in your writing 😂. I mean, if there is no plagiarism or spamming in your content, you will thrive for sure.

Among all other initiatives and contests in this community, pob word of the week contest,started by @calumam @calumaand currently run by @scholaris is the one I love and enjoy the most. It has not only given me consistency but the objective grading system has made me understand the strength and flaws of my writing. In addition, it has urged me to learn markdown formatting.

Along with benefiting my writing, the proof of brain community has monetary benefits. The community has its own token, pob. By earning this token and staking it everytime, I am earning through hive besides Hive and HBD.

Hive and Dreemport


Dreemport is a platform that pays us for reading content on various blogging sites. It also helps get an insight how much our content is appreciated by public (other content creators). Moreover, it brings fresh eyes and engagement to our posts. The site is in testing phase right now and is growing every day. It is a dream that a group (I am a part of which) had seen with @dreemsteem and Hive has facilitated that dream through the ease of token transfer on hive engine wallet.


My 5 months journey on Hive is filled with fun and joy. It has helped me breaking the barriers in my way of writing making me more confident and courageous. I am thankful to God for sending Hive to my way.


This is my participation for Hi from Hive initiative. If you want to participate, here is the link to the contest post.

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