Terraces of Abondonness - Backside of Circuit House

In India Circuit houses are generally the houses for accommodation of Government officers. Since independence many British build building are turned into circuit houses in each of the cities across India. These building which happen to be the strong structural base and proof of
British Raj are now owned by differnt state government.

The upkeep and maintenance of the building are governed by the state government. While the main building are well maintained as of now, many portion of these building are left abandoned. Today we gonna explore one such circuit house whose back portion is completelly left to rusting.


A big compound, Sprawling garden and a well built building mark the complete structure of a circuit house. The front look of the building is as good as look of a bungalow, but as we move towards the back side, the remain tells a different story.


A big Iron gate and little space for keeping some old furniture. While the chairs seems give a glimpse of the old wood work.


While dusting name plate of differrnt people are kept at one of the old Almirah. Showing many people used the building for their office work.


The electricity meter box are completelly unwired, which shows a glimpse of old style of wiring and phases that connects the electrical supply to main building.



The doors does also give glimpse of Bristish Era. Very strong and like a curtain plate. For sure such furniture work are of old style, which hardly find to get in current days.


A little walk sidewalk take us to an abobdaned space that has a Iron stairs, that might be used even now to go on terrace.


I assume it, as I didn't saw any staircase inside the building. So by far this is the only way to the roof. The ground of that space was not cleaned and seems a perfect ground to throw all the usage wastage.


As we walk further we found a big hall, with Green tiles fixed on the wall. This must looks to be a big kitchen for the main building. There was a little passage that connects the kitchen to the main building.


The interestinh thing that we notice here the old style of door stopper.


A little wooden piece screwed with the door mount to stop the Dorr to close due to wind or air. This is an old model and few has already been broken from the door.


It seems there used to 2-3 pieces joined with each door. Well looking at the big kitchen space, I can assume it may be used to cook food for many people. It was very spacious with racks kept on the wall to keep utensils and other item.



There is a old style of window too. Completelly covered with Iron net to protect from mosquito. The window is facing towards the old building where the Iron stairs were kept.


The other window in the kitchen open towards the courtyard which is now completelly covered with many wild plants and shrubs. It looks to be Green. It gives a clear indication that the kitchen used to be very airy at that time.


However, if we look towards the celing then there were many Crack,telling us the story of the empty space. Cement were cracking and it seems it may to fall to anybody.


A wash basin at one corner. It was totally dirty and noone ever looked to clean it up. But it does confirmed me that the space was used for kitchen purpose only.


There also an old style meter box mounted on the wall. It was kept at a height much above of our reach. I remember such meter box used to be a good house for Bats..


The other of the kitchen has store room. May be earlier it was used to keep the ration, or groceries however, now it was place for many old stuffs and neglected things.




It has a window too, but I didn't dare to open it. The entire space was pulled up with many unused item, from.old fans to old furniture to unused utensils.


The entire space was completelly about doned since long and by the look I don't think every anyone tried to get inside it. The government officers who would be visiting such place would only see thr upkeep of the main building and completelly avoiding the back side of it.

When I visited this place, I get too excited to express the entire compound. And found, how the British architecture are getting wrecked over the period of time. As I was walking through the space, a guard does intervene me, but U manage to convince, that I just snapping picture.

I was so excited to explore the British built building but at the same time, I was too shocked to see the remains of wrecked backside. I still have left to explore the outward of the building. May be will try to bring new tale some other day.


Namaste @steemflow

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