In the realm of the old things


I love abandoned buildings. I love the ruins of castles and churches, as well as ordinary houses of ordinary people.
In summer I live in the village of my ancestors, where two thirds of the houses are abandoned! It's an interesting feeling, because walking through the streets I always try to imagine the people who lived there or mention interesting facts about them.
And today I invite you to one cool place.
Are you ready?




How long have I not come here. This is a workshop! My grandfather's workshop. However, my grandfather died in 2012, so now this place is left as if without an owner... My grandparents lived in difficult times. They worked hard. Collective farm, vegetable garden, cattle. In those days there were no supermarkets to go and buy everything you wanted. In the Soviet Union it was very good to be able to do things with your own hands!



Some of the things that are here, I remember from childhood. I'm even surprised that they still exist! In fact, I came here to look for a small wooden bar. And I got stuck:) It was such a foggy autumn day. And here it is so cozy...
Black went with me, and later other cat-explorers joined us. They are no less than I admired the inspection of the barn!
I suggest you first go deep into the room, in the darkest corner.




I like this blue locker with a bunch of little things, among which stands out such a beautiful detail, perhaps from an old lamp.



And here under the ceiling hangs a real kerosene lamp. Cool!!! And I remember my childhood... Once the electricity was often turned off and my grandmother lit a similar lamp. I want to clean it and maybe to lit!



Below, I saw a large can (probably for gasoline), and next to it such a slightly scary metal thing with spikes. It is needed to level the soil so that there are no lumps.


Wow, our first Slavuta TV. Does it still exist? It was black and white, caught three channels (but then in our country they no longer existed), had a very heavy channel switch:) It often broke and showed intermittently. Later they bought a small color TV.




I was very interested in this chest. Do you want to know what's inside? I'd like. But I didn't open it that day. Not all at once:)


Above the chest on the wall hang various little things. Many sieves for sifting flour or something else. Ropes used to tie a cow... Wooden hangers for rabbit skins.




And now I look on the other side. There is a massive table, above it a sad window, through which you can see the garden. Once there was a machine for sharpening blades.
On the shelves here are all sorts of darts, boards and strange things that I do not know. If you touch an object, everything can fall.



I did find a wooden bar to repair the bed. And I had different opinions:)
I decided to put things in order here. First, to get rid of things that have no value and clean up antiques that have value. Second, to insert new glass into the windows. And thirdly, to cover the roof with a new material that will not leak.



When we went outside, we inspected the shed from all sides. Unfortunately, the old roofing material already has holes in many places, so it can leak.
There is another option, just disassemble everything. But I prefer to keep this extraordinary beauty. For my children and grandchildren, many of these items will be unfamiliar at all, something like museum exhibits. This may be my grandfather's mini-museum. Why not?


Thanks for your visit and support!
This post is also for a #saturdaymemories by @olga.maslievich.

See you;)


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