Finding Pawski - urbex graffiti art on Hive

I love a bit of graffiti especially when it's the talented Pawski based around Sheffield. It became a bit of an obsession to find new or existing work and photograph it before the building was demolished or some idiot tagged it (defaced it with mindless scribble).

Up close and personal

I'm still trying to work out whether this expression is a crying face or not....


Finding Pawski

This piece in mono by Pawski looked great with the shadows creating a diagonal for the composition:


Nearly gone

This one must have been quite an old piece but I managed to record it before it disappeared:


Pawski got tagged

I'll never understand why someone would tag a masterpiece like this. We used this perforated sheet panel later in the dark to backlight for a lightpainting shot.


Show me your happy face...

I used to get up close to these works:


Hidden away amongst the rubble

It's almost as if he wanted no-one to find his work....


About me:
I usually specialise in shooting lightpainting images but occasionally dabble in urbex and artistic model photography. I'm always on the lookout for someone to collaborate with; please don't hesitate to get in touch if you'd like to create art.

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