3D Printed Fang Hot End Mod

Hello Everyone,

Last night I printed this hot end mod for the Ender 3 V2:

1 pc no support fang for Ender 3 V2 dual 40mm fan, by The_Benz_Masteris licensed under the Creative Commons - Attribution - Non-Commercial - No Derivatives license.

I didn't like the stock hot end fixture because air flow is not great and it's a little unpleasant to work with in many ways.

You might also notice I had white slot covers before and now I have red to match the new part. Let's have a look at some photos.

This is the hot end mod while it was printing. Notice the old fixture, this is what we replaced :)

I found this hot end mod on Thingiverse and felt it was pretty cool looking, with a design that was not overengineered and is pleasant to look at.

I was amazed that no supports were needed for this model, and everything printed very nicely with a result in what was a relatively perfect print.

I printed at 0.16 mm layer height with GIZMODORKS red filament.

I decided I wanted to print out the red slot covers and (somewhat) finished that process before this post.

I ran out of filament, and made a mistake with some of the sizes, which I will correct when I get more filament, but this will do for now.

After installing the red slot covers:


Now this Ender 3 V2 is starting to look really cool! :D

Let's talk about a few things.

The fans are obviously hot glued on, as well as the fan covers (which were a separate print, here is the attribution thingiverse link) for this print.

Although the hot glue is mildly off putting, it works well enough for its purpose and was simply a result of not having the appropriate screws right now and the printed screws weren't working out. I will probably fix that in the future, but it's definitely not a priority and will work just fine for now.

The red slot covers are a work in progress. I will need to print more to complete the machine when I get some more red filament, probably the GIZMODORKS again because it's kind of nice filament that prints really strong and has vivid color.

The fixture is held in place by this threaded screw that goes right into the x axis gantry, and the other side just clasps over with the print. It fits snugly and I think I did a pretty good job with the hot glue where it was needed :D

One might wonder the purpose of this upgrade.

There are a couple as I see it.

This style hot end fixture offers better air flow and cooling, so it is a practical print.
It is aesthetically pleasing to the eye as well, which means bragging rights for the printer operator :)

Having a successful printed upgrade like this hot end mod working properly while also being nice to look at helps me feel like a 3D printing pro, and motivates me to keep on practicing and learning.

Does the Hive community like this 3D printed hot end mod? I would love to hear your thoughts!

Thank you for stopping by, have a great day! ~~@print3dpro

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