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I just saw what happened yesterday: /@print3dpro/3d-printed-light-rack-solution

I am sorry. There's a whole story but the gist is while discussing combining my community with their community one of the things I proposed to do was chose one of the moderators for the proposed single community. You were the moderator I had in mind.

After things went south and the deal went nowhere I went ahead with what I wanted to do and made you a moderator.

I guess @schlees thought I "stole" the idea of adding moderators to my community since that was part of the proposal he brought to me. To be honest I don't know what he was thinking based on the way he was replying to you like that.

What happened to you I never intended to happen and I am deeply sorry that happened to you. I still want you to be the moderator of my community but if they give you more grief in the future for being the moderator of my community and you want to resign I'll understand.

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