Updates to Hive.io


I've recently made some updates to hive.io.

This primarily includes:

I want to thank @mahydiari and @good-karma for their input and feedback and ofc. everybody else who gave feedback.

There's still a bit more I've planned, mainly I want to redo the first part of the landing page (Fast, Scalable, Powerful. Hive Logo => too generic, every blockchain project says that. Want to put focus on the fact that Hive made blockchain history i.e.

and ) but I'll need more time for planning/design.


I've first asked on GitLab who wants to be listed on there and got some fast replies, but then decided on at least adding TOP 30 Witnesses and those who are also actively working within the Hive ecosystem.



Please let me know if:

Changing Data

Hive.io is open-source and you can also add apps/contributors yourself (technical). Checkout the Readme on GitLab: https://gitlab.syncad.com/hive/hive-io/-/blob/master/README.md

Have a nice Sunday!

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