Hive: digital identities, the need for privacy and tying ourselves with bitcoin and ethereum

Digital identities: one name, one id, for everything. The blockchain space needs unity.

Now, the user behind the digitial identity needs to have the option to be private or be public, to let it's records of information known to a few other identities, non, or every other identity.

Hive it's the blockchain to store and secure public information.
Bitcoin the blockchain to store and secure your wealth.
Ethereum the blockchain for financial products.

One of many problems the Hive community has is, it's trying to build the future of social media or digital identities, but without one of the most important features: the right to be private of what you publish.

The ideal solution would be for the Hive blockchain to process it all. Can it? If yes, we need to push it.

If not, a potential solution:
We need unity and synchronization, so what about making a hardfork of hive and develop that new blockchain explicitly to manage private information, maybe with a limit of the size of information you can share for it to be more realistic and scalable. But at the same time be tied to the hive blockchain, same id, different blockchain. Each one specialised for different tasks. The two serving for the bigger task: decentralised social media, or the birth of digital identities.

The current number of hive each user has, should be airdropped to this new blockchain. To be used for governance and improving the blockchain, get rid of the voting mechanisms, reward pool, etc (talking here about the social aspect, not the DAO and witnesses). Though resource credits should still be used, everything has a cost.

Ideally too, we should think of how to tie the social aspect with the finance aspect: don't get me wrong but the finance thing it's taken and bitcoin and ethereum are leading it, we need to tie us with it, if we want to be leading the development of digital identities.

Tie the id of a hive account with one or multiple bitcoin/ethereum wallets. Ideally it should be private, so it could be done with this new "blockchain" tied to hive I'm talking about.

This way the mainstream could use bitcoin/ethereum through using social media, through hive, tied to their digital identity, thus no matter what front end they use they would be sure to get with them their financial things too. Making it easier for the masses to adopt this technology.

We need more collaboration between blockchains. If we try to be a loner blockchain we will fail.

I'm an ideas guy, don't expect me to push this :). I just felt the need to share this with the community. And start a conversation around it.

Have a nice day :)