Start Rewarding Real Curation and Engagement


I post this knowing many want to move Hive tokens to 2nd level. Some even want to remove rewards altogether. Some even want to make the social side of Hive disappear entirely. I am not here to argue the points on any of that. Assuming all things remain as they are, I am proposing the following:

I propose we should only be rewarding true curation and engagement of content. Stop rewarding just votes on the original content. Tie the vote to a comment or other real curation type action before the vote is rewarded (sharing to social, reblogged, adding to a collection, etc.)

Just liking or voting on something is not real curation. Auto-voting and then auto-following a curation trail, whether manual or auto, is not curation. It should not be rewarded. If it is to be rewarded, then let it come out of the content creators pockets if they want to reward someone for blind-voting on their content.

I am sure this will be very unpopular as many make scads of money off rewards this way, so let the roasting begin.

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