Increase seats on Security Council(aka. top20 Witnesses)

It should be a topic for discussion the possibility of an automatic increase on the amount of what I call "Security Council"seats, which is currently the Top20 witnesses that govern the Hive blockchain.

Reason: further decentralization of the network as it increase in active participants.

The amount of spots could be changed by direct voting in a similar way it is already done to decide saving interests, with only votes casted by witnesses already on Security Council being valid, with a, let's say, 30 days gap after consensus to be increased(of no witness changes the vote in the meantime) and, let's say, 24 hour gap to decrease(emergencies might affect stability in the short run, so, shorter time for decrease) after new consensus.

Or the amount of seats could also be automatically change periodically using several factors to calculate it, like the stability of the top witnesses outside the Security Council with factors such as weekly block produced/missed ratio, price update at least once every 24 hours, etc.

Anyway, this is just a suggestion for a topic of discussion. Thank you all for your attention.

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