Qurator's Monday Missions | Rant Away ~ Here Are My Rants

Honestly, I have never rant anywhere in my blogs so here are my official rants for Qurator's Monday Missions ~ Rant Away.


Firstly, I know everyone wants to rant about 2020, it is a fact that I think everyone could wish that 2020 never come or best just fast forward and make it go away soon. I hate 2020! 2020 has been the worst year ever in the history of mankind. When I was young, people used to talk about Vision 2020 in my country or we called it 'Wawasan 2020' that was the brainchild of our former Prime Minister. This is not his fault by the way. But such bad luck isn't it. What is there to look for? Is this what we have been waiting for our whole life, a crazy pandemic that wiped out over 1 million humans. By the way, China owes the world an apology to keep spreading the virus and killing humans all over the world. But would this COVID-19 be the last virus that originated from China, and many people would say, OF COURSE NOT! Please China wake up and stop doing this to humanity and mankind!


So, I don't know what more to say because I saw most people wearing their masks under their noses not covering their mouth or under their chin. Why actually they bother wearing masks if it is to decorate the mouth and chin. Just throw it away, just freaking irritating.


I got freaking mad with the water supply problem in my house over these few months. Every time the notice would say river contaminations, so why does it keep on happening? Where is your quality control government? The hundreds of government workers cannot prevent this, so why are we paying expensive income tax for? So many government officers that are in charge of the water department must be sleeping. Hello, water authority! Wake up! We the citizens are suffering.


I have not showered for a few days and I have to go around looking for water in my friend's houses around this vicinity. Managed to find out that Niny has water supply in her house. Luckily not far away, then we have to carry some water containers that we brought to fill in at her house from the 3rd floor of that flat without lift. I need to keep my mind intact, breathe in and out at that moment. That day after bringing some water containers, I went back and saw a lorry carrying some water supply in front of the condominium. So I rushed back home and ran out with some more water containers. Hurried and pressed the lift button, when the lift opened, so I hurried inside. One crazy Karen insulted me by saying don't be selfish this lift is already full. I saw 4 people inside. I need to hurry down scared the lorry will go away. But this Karen insisted I take another lift, she won't budge. Gosh! I wish I can slap her face, but I just bit my lip and let the lift go.


I wish I can drive without cursing other people but my mouth cannot stop all the time. Especially when I was driving up my condominium parking at level 5. I have to turn and make 5 rounds before reaching level 5 with all these speed breakers. I can't go fast of course, and a car will be following at my back tailing me closely, sometimes honking me and giving me a headlamp. So tell me what can I do, I can't speed or give that car way because of the way the parking works. But every day these irritating things keep happening that I always wish that driver would crash his car on the wall and die. Can anyone be just patient to reach your parking space and just let the front driver drive peacefully! Is that a way to drive? by bullying your front driver who is also your neighbor by the way. Morons!


I am suffering from my right hand's pain. I had this pain since March this year, I cannot remember what exactly triggered this injury. Just one day I experienced too much pain and the pain escalated until I was referred to a specialist hospital by a doctor near my house. Then I was admitted straight away and an MRI was administered to check where is the real problem. I was near traumatized being inside that MRI machine for 1-hour. I was basically wrapped on that machine so that I don't move. And a claustrophobic person only can understand the feeling that I had that time. I was really near to tear and just need to hold my tears and breathe in and out while listening to all these different sounds that they sent to trigger the nerve. After that, they found out that I have a degenerative cyst growing on an injured nerve of the humeral head on my right shoulder. The specialist doctor administers an anti-inflammation on my right hand to reduce the pain. It was basically okay just for a few days before I started to feel the pain again. I went on a 1-month extensive physiotherapy session that did not help me to increase my movements nor reduce my pain. I decided to stop eating painkillers after 3 months. I do not want the side effect of those painkillers to have on my kidneys as I am also a diabetic patient. So by deciding that, I am currently just going through my life suffering this pain in silence. The specialist doctor advised me to remove that injured nerve so that I will be pain-free, but I would lose 50% usage of my right hand. What! no way right, so I decided not to follow his advice and just kept the letter that he wrote that I am supposed to bring and get it done at another specialist.

Until now my right hand still in tight movements and constant pain, I am wondering why it is in more pain when I am sleeping. My days of quality sleep has long gone since March this year. My right hand can't bend backward and stretch far in any direction. I can't even write properly using my right hand. How I hate my handwriting now. Not that I need to write any letter to anyone, just that when I am going to any place now, in order to comply with the new SOP guidelines for COVID-19 that was imposed strictly by the government, I need to write my name and other details so sickening to see how my right hand cannot bend properly to write, sigh... I just need to accept this for now. I hope something can happen or a medical miracle can happen to help me with my problem.

My Final Rants

And last but not least to end my rants, I wish I could smash my laptop and my phone. I have just finished cooking curry for HIVE Top Chef contest and then while transferring my cooking pictures from my phone to my laptop, I have no idea how it happened but all my photos have gone missing. Grrrrr Arghhhh! Can you feel my frustrations! Why is this happening to me? I feel I am crying blood now. All that effort just has gone wastage, should I cook again? Should I just sleep now! These frustrations have made me sleepy now. I need Oxygen, please!

I think that is enough rants from me for Qurator's Monday Missions | Rant Away. Wishing everyone a pleasant day and please stay safe, cheers, ainie.


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That's all for now, wishing you a beautiful day ~ Life is Beautiful.

The Best is yet to come, Keep Creating Keep Hiving!

Take care and Stay Blessed!

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