Surfing In The Spirits -OLYMPIC As A World Unifier.


I most often think in the way that what do the sporting events and contests do to us?
Is that the professional pay offs for the sportsmans and players, stuffs and regulatory boards that finds their wages through it?
Or the spectators circled around the stadium who passes their time to have a bit of relaxation, having fun with coffe and toasts, supporting the players of their own to win, is that a mental happiness that drive them to watch sports?
Nor the distance viewers who want to watch matches to get pleasures and mental satisfaction that their team has won and they feel a part of it?

But, putting aside all of these questions to find answers, I realized in the end that, its not about the organisational setting nor the money involved in the games or outdoor sports, rather its about raising the sole spirits and putting forward the exact same repetition of the primary objective that sports tournament’s bear, the magical bonding creation along the way, with winning or losing, lifting the spirits of all athletics is the great intention of sports and athletics, and if it is about the "Greatest Show On Earth ", then its not beyond comprehension that all its glamour & grandeour is overtaked by the largest spirit of sportsmanship.

While watching the Tokyo Olympic, sitting at home and putting eyes on the electronic screen, multifarious games and contenders, from North to South, covering from East to West, inclusive participation in the countries from 7 continents where players competing for Gold Medal, one objective to achieve and that is winning, taking part in sporting contests side by side, shoulder to shoulder, that is something which carry forward the light, torch of unity from one generation to another generation.

I think the greater part of the biggest show is to reflect the message that, look!the whole world, while we the players from every nook and corner, from every hostile nations,play and fight against each other to conpete and win the best prize, we also stand at front the sauces of fraternity, the unwavering smooth breeze of brotherhood that attunes us with care and love.
What can be more generous and greater than that to be able to rear that march towards light?
What can be more glorious than that where we would make ways for each one of us, to be united and safeguard against each others weal and woe?

To me, I dont find something more greater than this? It is the best sort of promotional part that fascinated me while I was watching the Tokyo Olympic Games. Having understood the concept, I came straight here to share my sweetest thought and realization of the day. Its really wonderful.

I can long remember the history when the whole world took serious ill turns, 2nd world war, killing innocents and the bitter part of civil war, mortal combats that dated back from prehistoric ages to modern centuries, when we overlook the battles that had been fought for silly reasons, at that time, I can remember closing my eyes, that Baron Piere the Cuberte, the first torch bearer of the Olympic Games, who initiated the contests by putting forward a noble idea that there would be no chaos among people and while they would compete then they wont forget to shake hands with each other and be in the same mark again.

Thats the spirits guys with unfailing enormity that the Olympic Games hold. Thats all it is...

Thanks for reading.

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