SportsTalk Challenge #3 - SPORTS Staking

Hello all people...

This post is my 3rd participation for SportsTalk Challenge initiated by the will support all post with staking information.

Thanks you very much for this amazing contest 😃😃

I am stacking 87sports token today to participate. This will increase my power a little bit. I have earned most of these tokens by participating in Actifit daily posts.

My total sports power is now 19033

You can also participate in this just make sure you must follow the following rules...

Show the proof of staking on your post. You may screenshot the amount of SPORTS you’ve staked.
Write the post in any language.
The length of post should be 150 words or more
One post per user a day (24 hour)
Make sure to use #sportspower tag.

Here is the proof of staked token...



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