Week 05 Reflection - Central Planning and Totalitarianism


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Argument Against Socialism
According to the early political planners and writers, such as Tocqueville, socialism cannot, by definition, be implemented smoothly with any form of democracy. For although they both stand for "equality" socialism presses the idea of equality of servitude and reduces all of its citizens to equal under the pressure and power of the government. On the contrary, an ideal democracy aims to make all its citizens equal in the ways of voting and representation. Also, socialism in its truest form robs the citizens of their economic freedom and therefore invades the citizen's rights and "demands for a redistribution of wealth". Due to this redistribution of wealth, it takes the worker's incentive to work and create wealth for themselves as their means of work would not justify the ends of their funds being taken by a socialistic government.

Socialism in the USA?
Socialistic ideas have been presented in recent years by legislatures such as Bernie Sanders, and have received quit a lot of support, yet those who support these ideas do not seem too understand the implications that come along with these ideas. The American idea of government was built on the ideas that support the common man's dreams of carving out a living for themselves and believing that their hard earned funds will go to personal investments such as education, family, housing, and whatever else pleases them. This then, is in direct contradiction to the idea of the American Dream and the already established systems that are in place at the moment. Total control of the economic system in America would eliminate the hope that common people have of becoming financially successful and i believe, rid the world of its greatest opportunity for people trying to escape already established socialistic systems. In addition, most if not all socialistic systems in the past have failed. Either being twisted into a dictatorship, fascism, or widespread famine and lowering the quality of life.

The Ideal System
A lot of times, also argued in the Road to Serfdom, the utopia that many governments promise its citizens, is simply not achievable. Although there are pros and cons to both democracy and socialism, there is no realistic way that they can be implements together successfully, they are just to fundamentally different. Due to this, it seems foolish to even keep trying to achieve this unrealistic set of standards and governmental ideas. If there is an actual perfect system in the way of economic planning, it is simply not possible through the facets that have already been proposed, and are still being proposed today.

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