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RE: Your Art is Important - a reminder to myself

Hey! A great article and I think it describes the plight, of not only many artists, but people who are self-employed.

So often, when people see that you are your own boss, they think it's easy to rearrange your work-time to put something else first. It takes time and confidence to say to people (and yourself) "Sorry, I'm working now." Whereas people who e.g. working an office have a reason that everyone will accept.

If you work from home then there are chores that stare you in the face too.

It took me YEARS to find a routine and the habit of finishing projects and seeing things through. But even now, I still get frustrated at how little time I have to dedicate to art.

I'm a full-time dad and art very much has to fit around the edges at the moment. However, I'd say that I have been way more productive since becoming a parent than before. In my twenties for example, I had hours and hours each day. I kick myself now at how little I managed to get done per hour.

If I manage to get an hour to myself these days, I feel like a super-focused laser - probably because I know the clock is ticking.

But beating yourself up about it is the fastest way to falling in a hole. We make so many plans and have so many intentions, but our internal model of the world is rarely as detailed as reality. That's just a fact. And so when life comes and messes up our plans, that isn't a failing. It simply means we need to readjust our expectations.

So enjoy your art. Keep chipping away, and hopefully things will fall into place. 🙂

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