Your Art is Important - a reminder to myself


Lately I often get revisited by that old thought pattern again, that everything is more important than my art. That I have to take care of everything and everyone else first, before I'm allowed to sit down and paint.

It's an old view on making art from back then when I thought it was supposed to be only a hobby and something I just do when I come back from work.
But I changed my life and made some big decisions in order to be able to focus more on art and find out how to maybe even make a living from it.
Sometimes I think I still can't quite believe this ^^

I know it is just a matter of organization, which I'm still learning.
Maybe I just want to remind myself with this post to give my art a higher priority again. At least the same priority like all the other things I'm doing.

Then I can learn how to organize everything, find a healthy balance and finally grow further as an artist.

Because there is so much I have to learn still! I'm at the beginning of my life as an artist and there's so much I want to do!
I want to evolve, to experiment, to find my own style, to get better!
But I need to make time for it and space in my head and allow myself to give it the appropriate importance in my life.

I would be super interested in how you all organize your life around art?
How much time are you able to dedicate to creating?
And maybe you have any organization tips for me ^^


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