Pausing witness node for upgrades

Hey, folks... just paused @atexoras.witness for some upgrades/updates.

It ran rock solid for almost 5 days without any hiccups. So, I am pretty happy.

Will be back with an update once I am back with it.

Not sure if I will have time for some tweaks next week, but the idea is to avoid the need to shutdown the VM once I enable my HA solution.

In this case, it is inevitable, because I need to update some firmware on the network. But this is the beauty of decentralization... where shutting down nodes correctly should not affect the network in any sense (given they are done correctly).

So, in this case:

  1. First unregister (pause) the witness node with the command node witness_action.js unregister
  2. Then wait for a block to be produced (or check if your witness has been greyed out here) before you shutdown the node (to avoid any missed blocks).
  3. Shutdown the node with pm2 stop <app_name>

Then you can backup your mongoDB for example or do any other updates that might require reboots for example.

See you soon

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