Increasing Reliability

Hi all, hard week for me. Been sick almost all week and family too, so not much time to play around with stuff.

But still, I managed to get something done.

Fixed my hardware software issues

On the system I am running things from I had this old monitoring software which I won't say the name, that was causing problems with my new GPU, causing 8 to 24 hours crashes. I have now moved into something that is not yet to my liking but looks like doing the job within my minimal requirements.

Next will be, maybe in 2 or 4 weeks (depending on time) to get more 32GB of RAM and expand my setup.


I have been playing with these boys, under VMs! You would not believe the amazing stuff they can do in virtual environments (aka, being used by multiple VMs for different things, such as cache LVs under LVM).


I wanna try some BeeGFS things too but still need to experiment more to get a feel for the work/benefit requirement. Then I can probably share some guide or something if there is interest in it.

These setups (using parallel non-block based IO layers like BeeGFS) are especially useful for small setups where you can control a bit of the hardware or the number of volumes you can get (if you are under a cloud environment). They squeeze all the juice from parallelism and provide great flexibility on things you usually needed otherwise to stop/reboot/restart.

Plus, look at that BeeGFS logo, a totally appropriate selling point for a HIVE post! I have to think about it.

Any updates on the HE-AWM script?

Not really... not something you need to check if you are already using it. 🤣 I am so eager and naive at this point, thinking someone is using it LOL.

Either way, if you really are, thanks for trying it out. And I would really appreciate some of that thing everyone calls it, feedback? Heheheh

Don't be afraid of being a critic or rude, I have already some years of trashcan under my chest, and I have a pretty great idea of how terrifying (delivering something done in bash) can this be for others... but I just can't help it. 🙃

I just made some minor commentary updates as I thought fit and prepared something for when I release the next update. I tagged this one v1.1a (keeping letters for minor changes or documentation updates that don't cause behavior changes).

Hive-Engine Snapshots

Finally and because I did a few mistakes during the last days (can happen to anyone, but I think it was my sick head doing the job), things did not go so fast. And if it was not for @rishi556 snapshots shared in his post, I would be extending my synchronizations a few days more.

So, and with the idea of extending his efforts, I have just shared a directory from @forkyishere google drive, and I will be updating that one with some regular (or by request if I am around) snapshots dumps from the MongoDB. Currently, the dump uses just a tinny bit more than 4GB, so up to the limit of the drive (15GB), I can continue this very easily. Afterward, we will see.

Here is the Google Drive link!

Anyone with the link should be able to read the folder contents and download the snapshot/dump archives.

I use --iso-8601 dates and the block number after. The date is from when the dump was taken and might not always correspond to the date the chain was live on that block number.

Any problems you may find with any of the snapshots, please report back (tag @forykw) so I can update the description of a document I also set there ("Snapshots - Issues Report"), in case someone else has used the same snapshot and wishes to get more info.


I will be going up and down on the node because I have a lot to catch up on at real work. So, depending on that I might or not have the node running all time.

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