Risk of Death - Serious Side Effect of Pfizer's Covid-19 Vaccine Discovered on Day 1!

After just a few thousand nurses and doctors were given the vaccine on day 1 of public use, at least 2 life-threatening reactions have already been reported, leading Britain's pharma regulator to issue a rushed warning against people with serious allergies receiving the injection.

This should highlight the fact that safety testing was bypassed in the unprecedented hurry to begin injecting people with the pharmaceutical giant's product. The public has been told "rigorous safety testing" has been done, and yet this major issue went undetected?

If people are seriously sick on day 1, what kind of side effects will show up weeks, months, or years later? We simply don't know, and even though officials readily admit that, they continue to urge, coerce, and threaten the public to be vaccinated.

Also, special laws have been put in place, preventing you from suing (or even complaining) if the injection harms or kills you. Those 2 (or more) people who went into anaphylactic shock, and may suffer debilitating effects for life, can't do a thing about it. We are - at best - their guinea pigs. Isn't it prudent to wait and see?

In the UK, government has warned that those who don't take the injection will lose access to normal life, and yesterday, Canada announced the same fate for Canadians.

It's NOT a vaccine

A 91-year-old woman was officially the first injected member of the public, and the mainstream media has published her story to the world, quoting her as saying the vaccine is the best early Christmas present she could have asked for because "it means she can now spend the holiday with her family without fear".

While that sounds nice, and will entice many others to follow in her lead, it must be pointed out: The vaccine does NOT protect you from becoming infected with SarsCov2, and it does NOT protect others from being infected by you. All this product does is stop already-infected people from progressing to the advanced form of the physical illness (called COVID-19). Officials admit they have no idea if it has any protective benefit, and that is something that will have to be discovered in time.

It's exactly like a medication being developed to slow progression of AIDS (the physical illness and symptoms) in people who are already-infected with the HIV virus, and the media printing stories of patients saying "now I can have unprotected sex with the public, and not fear spreading the infection!"


CNN and every other mainstream outlet are repeatedly publishing accounts of jabbed people announcing to the world "now I can visit my friends and family with no risk". The unprecedented rollout of the injection continues around the world, as the public remains unaware the reason they're eager to take it doesn't actually exist!

So, what makes it a "vaccine", if it doesn't function as one?

Nothing. It's not made in the same way other vaccines are, it uses totally different (brand new) technology, and it doesn't prevent infection. It's NOT a vaccine, it's just called one by the corporation, government, and media. More information on this product can be found here.


Vaccines injure and kill millions, often more than the viruses they aim to combat. That's not a theory.

You're not an "antivaxxer" or "conspiracy theorist" if you're concerned enough about your health to hold off on taking this untested, rushed product, which may not even provide any protection. Especially as evidence mounts that it may injure or kill you, as so many other vaccines have done, in the decades they have been attempted.

Even as states around the world threaten to cut you off from society, you have the right to resist this injection. It may be the healthiest and sanest thing you ever do.


EDIT1: Hours after this story broke, Canada became the second country to approve Pfizer's "vaccine", distributing 250,000 doses to at-risk elderly Canadians within days.

EDIT2: And just hours after that announcement, my province (British Columbia) declared plans to inject 400,000 (1 in 8 of us) in the next 3 months.

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