I'm Free of the Fear, the Paranoia, and the Mask

Bonnie Henry, BC's "top health official" and public face of the crisis, ordered everyone to wear a mask - as a sign of respect! It's not about stopping a virus (which we know is impossible). It's about control.

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Mandatory mask order

Men fist fighting over mask issue at Walmart

Woman has heart attack after being spit on by man without mask

Bonnie Henry angry at people refusing to wear masks

This issue has divided society even further than it already was, and it's not going to get any better while 90% of us are glued to the mainstream media and smart devices!

Unplug from the mainstream media, turn off the TV and smart phone, leave the fear and paranoia behind.

The awkward feeling you got the first several times you put on a mask was your gut telling you that it's wrong. It's not too late to free yourself.


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