STEMGeek's Hive Hackathon Results and Update

The first STEMGeek's Hackathon is over. I received a total of 14 entries I need to review. I estimate it will take one to two weeks before I have the final results and can award three winners.

Prize Pool

The total prize pool is 12,623.370 Hive. This means 1st place will receive 6,311.685 Hive (~ $1,931 USD), second place will receive 3,787.011 Hive (~$1,158.83 USD), and third place will receive 2,520.674 Hive (~$711.326 USD).

I want to thank everyone who donated and contributed to the Hackathon to bring the prize pool to over 12,000 Hive.

@themarkymark - 1,000 Hive
@innerhive - 1,000 Hive
@theycallmedan - 5,000 Hive
@steemychicken1 - 1,000 Hive
@liondani - 1,000 Hive
@yabapmatt - 1,000 Hive
@peakd - 2,000 Hive
@originate - 150 Hive
@memehub - 100 Hive
@taskmaster4450 - 250 Hive
@slider2990 - 25 Hive
@klye - 13.370 Hive
@fw206 - 25 Hive
@circa - 20 Hive - 40 Hive


Have a look at the entries, and comment about your favorites. From what I have heard, a few of the projects have already continued development to improve their projects. These improvements will not be considered for the Hackathon but will make them more viable projects.

Thank you to everyone who participated. I am excited to review the entries and see what we have. If you submitted an entry, I may contact you with questions prior to a final decision.


I am the only judge for this competition. I will first review the entries to make sure the rules have been followed. I will then judge assign each entry a score based on originality, creativity, and usefulness. This will give me a rough idea of the standings. I will then focus on the top five entries and review them in more detail. From there I will come up with a 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place entry and announce the winners.

Prize delivery & Announcement

Once I have determined the three winners, I will distribute the full balance of @prizepool between the winners.


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