Hello to all friends everywhere in the world who are currently reading this and thank you to those who support me to continue telling my story here . This is the third part of the story of the IGM project. I have to apologize to you again according to the previous two parts. Because my main language is Persian and I use an online translator to translate my writing into English and I know the translation may not be done properly. If you have not read my previous posts, I suggest you read the previous two posts before continue reading this. Because this is a true story and today I want to tell you the third part of it.
In the previous episode, we got to the first days of launching an Instagram magazine. it seemed that we are all members of the same community. A comunnity involving people some as music producers and musicians and some as music lovers and audiences who each one plays a unique role in this comunnity . The People who had only music in common and this story is about Some kind of Music that is known as underground music or independent music or alternative music in a wide range of different genres.
I have to explain you when I say IGM project, I mean all the activities that I have done under the name of IGM that have a true story inside .

When I started to send requests for interviews to different people related to my research, I was faced with different answers. From those who responded very respectfully and kindly accept to be a part of my video interviews, and those who not only eventually refused to do but even tried to humiliate and insult me by their words .
But what was most strange to me in the meantime was the lack of an independent media in this community and in this part of society. Because even I, who started my activity called IGM as a symbolic movement and in protest of the lack of a independent media , became the only real one and most imporrant thing was that it was a free media for the Iranian rock and metal music. So Audiences and musicians were expected to indicate that IGM should move towards a professional medium and magazine . When I just was looking for the information in various fields about the content of music, and I started my interviews with some musicians from different levels, professional and amateur musicians, professional music audiences and music experts and normal listeners apeered in my early interviews. But Ive got a lot of messages asking why you are interviewing amateur musicians or even unknown professional musicians, and what is the value of this? And that question was really annoying to me!
The first interviews had eight questions. A few common questions in all such interviews such as biography, etc. Two technical questions about music and three other questions that attracted the attention of the audience and made the interviews attractive. These three questions were:
Definition of good and bad music?
Top 10 Guitarists in Iran?
IGM's challenge was that the interviewee should invite a friend of the musician to the program for an interview.
These were wonderful days for me. I had a lot of energy to do things. I was busy doing things for about 18 hours a day, just with a low-tech mobile phone, and I felt weird. I believed that what I started was what I had been trained and experienced for years to do, and most importantly, I was interested in it.
With the slogan that I will be the narrator of the living history of Iranian music, and with the strategy of starting an interview every day in the form of a music magazine. I realized from the beginning that in this small music community, unfortunately, there are people who, by forming a kind of informal organization, intend to take over the financial flows in the small market of this industry, and very soon I received messages from them inviting me to cooperate. But my answer was a clear big NO . So they tried to disrupt my plans in any way possible. From disrupting my interviews with artists in various ways to spreading false news and lies about me among musicians. But I just tried to do my job in any way possible.
One of the first people I interviewed was named Mahyar Enbir. He has a song called "Night Dream" that I realy loved it . Most of the people I interviewed with them, have become my new friends . Mahyar is a clear example of these people . You can Watch some cool videos of him on his youtube channell and more on his instagram page . I will tell you a story from him that made a unique memory for me in the next chapter .
Stay with me . Cheers .



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