"Trust the Government, They Know Best, Obviously" ~ #appealtoauthorityfallacy

I felt this needed to be shared today after seeing so many people make a claim along the lines of "The government with its billion dollar budget knows more than you." Or, "the CDC & WHO are doctors, of course they know what's best."

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Clearly, besides the fallaciousness of their argument, they must have never read any history of government, ever.

Must I really list all of the atrocities or outright lies committed by the government???

Yes? Well, ALL would take me a long time, so here are just a few...

  • Tuskegee experiments

  • MK Ultra

  • Operation Paperclip

  • Operation Northwoods

  • NSA Spying

  • US Gov poisoning alcohol during prohibition

  • Gulf of Tonkin

  • Iran Contra

  • Bohemian Grove

  • Gulf War testimony

  • Project Sunshine

and the list goes on. No doubt more and more truth will come to light for eternity when it comes to government lies and cover ups.

"Identical strangers" on Netflix is a great documentary as well, I highly recommend it.

This fallacy is not just for government however, it applies to anyone who is an expert.

So your Magic Stone Healer who has read every natural remedy book under the sun, who states that a magic moon rock will cure your cancer, should also be held to scrutiny.

So how do you make a good argument? You need 3 ingredients:

  • Facts
  • Logic
  • Reason

Unfortunately, your feelings don't count. No matter how much you think they do. Nor does expert testimony if it doesn't hold up to the 3 ingredients. Credentials do not matter if the argument can't hold up to facts, logic, and reason.

I'm all for differing opinions and civil discourse, it's what propels us forward in the search for the truth.

Here is a link to logical fallacies. Read them, learn them, and then avoid using them in discussion.

Using government as a candle holder of experts, specialists, and know-it-alls is perhaps one of the most dangerous things you can do, as history has proven.

Curious, what fallacies have you seen in your circles lately that make you scratch your head?

Let me know in the comments. Thanks for reading.

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