Will you squeeze my soul?

I have recently came across the wonderful recordings of Wayne Dyson. I even fall asleep listening to them. I've particularly found quite interesting a certain metaphor he used. I was smiling in revelation while thinking about it. You might think about oranges now, but listening to this will most likely get you thinking about your soul. If you are an orange and life/people squeeze you, what comes out of you is yours... Or not? Who is to blame for what comes out of you under pressure? Wayne Dyson put it marvelously in simple words

What comes out is what is inside

Breathe. Take it in. Now think with me.

Quite often in life when we meet new people we have certain moments when we don't act like we would like to. We get cautious, being afraid to not get hurt. We find it easy to put the blame on others for our own wrong doings. It is easy to justify our bad behaviour because of : nasty childhood, negative relatives, poor country, horrible bosses, mean lovers, a bunch of trauma. You name it, we'll going to find someone to blame for our mistakes. Anyone but us. We do anything to distract our attention from ourselves and go deep within. Nobody wants to sniff the bad odours of introspection.. When there is a lot of damage control to be done around our emotional recycle bin, we would rather seal the smelly pungent stuff and spray rose parfume on top. The perfume of denial, self deceiving and ignorance. The pain which comes with going deep within is something which people might avoid for years, for decades. Some die with this mix of nasty inner smell covered in roses and call it good living..... Deep down... They all die with regret. What could I've done? What if? I wonder how my life would have been if only... It is sad, but people are excellent in thriving in denial and chewing glass and smiling as if it doesn't hurt while their heart bleeds. I know it, I chewed glass too.


You see, I had my own share of bad sour time under the pressure. When someone squeezes your soul and bad stuff comes out... Own it! 90% of what is happening now in your life is the consequence of how you reacted to what happened to you, not what happened to you. You can be kind or you can be bad. You can spill venom or you can spread love. You can be understanding or you can be mean. You can choose to love or you can choose to be right. You can continue to be the same or you can change. The power of choice is always ours. It is easy to blame it on the other, but that won't help us longterm.

It is said that when life gives you lemons, make lemonade. The same goes with what we are. If you're a lemon inside, don't blame others for your bad behaviours. Try instead to tone the lemon down and add honey. We don't have to be sugar, but we don't have to be lemons either. We can always choose what we serve to the people who will squeeze our souls. Do not be afraid or question if they will squeeze. They all will. Question yourself instead and change what is coming out. Loving people will always gravitate around a stand with lemonade instead of a stand with bitter lemons. Be the lemonade in someone's life, you'll both taste more honey than sour lemons together.

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