Potatoes in a Barrel


I grow my potatoes in an old whiskey barrel. Last year I stopped tilling the garden and began moving to growing everything in containers. The work load in the garden just got a bit much and I wanted to downsize, seeing as the kids have all moved out of the house, I really did not have a need for a large garden. Nor did I have the inclination to spending hours weeding and tending the garden.

I heard a quote once that went something like this: "Give a lazy man the hardest job, for he will find the quickest way to accomplish the task."

With that wonderful quote in mind, I decided to grow my potatoes in a whiskey barrel. No trenching, no filling and no digging for potatoes. Plop the seed potatoes near the bottom and fill with dirt once the vines are over the lip of the barrel. Harvesting is easy just pull the vines when they look dead and then sift through the dirt.



After sifting through the dirt for five minutes, this is the haul from and old whiskey barrel.


Some good eaters and some good seed potatoes for next year.


The summer garden is still producing well but there is a change in the air. While walking the dogs this morning I noticed that one of my neighbor's Poplar trees had begun to shed its leaves. Around here, Poplar leaves on the ground is a sure sign that it is time to prepare the Winter garden. In the Winter, I grow Collards in the whiskey barrel.


I fear these may be the last of my larger tomatoes. I grow a variety that produces a large quantity BUT after two months that is it. I still have patio tomatoes that are doing well.


The cucumber vines while still productive are beginning to fade. I still have time to grow another set, but I have not decided whether to go for more or simply wait until the vines die and plant cabbage.

If I do nothing, then time shall make the decision for me.

How is your garden going?

Any signs of Fall, I know it is mid-August and hot as heck around here but the Poplar leaves do not lie, a change of Season is upon us.

Peace and blessing to you all.

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