I live in a hot part of Canada, but it has never been this hot here

There will be no berries for the birds this winter, because this spring was too dry and this summer is too hot. It's 115 degrees Fahrenheit here, well into the 40s Celsius, and it has only rained 3 times since last year. Where am I, Death Valley California? Mongolian desert? Sahara? No, I'm in British Columbia, Canada! Everything including the trees in my area is either dying or almost dying. My backyard birdberry tree, despite being watered by hand whenever possible, wasn't able to grow flowers this year, so there won't be any berries. I had been taking a photograph of the tree every month, intending to show the full life-cycle of the flowers and berries. But since there won't be any flowers or berries this year, I'm going to have to make this a 24 month project! Here's June's entry:

I went with a slightly more artistic photo this month, since there's really nothing to show in terms of changes. Last year's berries are still hanging in some spots, and this year's leaves are sparse.

The tree will live, as long as I continue to water the ground around its trunk, but there will be no offspring (berries with seeds) this year. Sometimes all you can do is survive, I guess.

We had a lot of fake weather so far this year (like 2 massive cold snaps that came through on their way down to Texas, in February and April). So the chances are this latest weather - breaking records and making politicians excited - was also created artficially. Which makes it all the more annoying. Not to mention upsetting, since a lot of people are dying, and food prices are going to skyrocket because of this.

Here are the previous months, going backward in time:











Heat wave

At least another week of unprecedented and dangerous heat is on the forecast here. Many people don't have air conditioners (they tend to be useful only a few days a year so most people don't invest in them, especially the poor). We can drive safely in winter with 4 feet of snow on the roads, but heat waves aren't exactly our forte! I have a toddler, and no family or friends around to support us, but my wife and I are doing our best to keep him cool.

My garden is roasting and dying, more every day. I get out there to water in the morning before the sun gets too deadly, and again after it goes down, and do everything I can to shade my plants and provide mulch around their base. But they're just not meant for this kind of heat, which is just a few degrees below the all-time record for the planet! To see my plants, click here.

Wish us luck!


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