Mazer Gaming joins Hive!

Hello everyone,

We are happy to offically become apart of the Hive community thanks to @guiltyparties helping us with the onboarding process! We are an esports and entertainment organization that has competed professionally in games like Call of Duty, Fortnite, Gears of War, Super Smash Bros, and more! We are excited to expand our reach and post on here as much as we can. Since this is a fairly new platform for us, if anyone has any tips or is interested in helping feel free to send us a message on twitter at That is our main source of news. You can also find us at, our official website! We look forward to working with everyone and building a community on here.

Sam Kijak @
Mazer Gaming


Gears San Diego 2019 - Day 3 - 0752 - Joe Brady.jpg


Gears San Diego 2019 - Day 3 - 0745 - Joe Brady.jpg

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