Johnny Mnemonic Pinball Machine + Musics

[Youtube video from Petes Ball channel]

This is a example video of this Pinball Machine. Here we can see, its a fast-phased game with a tricky playing field on it.

Johnny Mnemonic movie
It was one of a kind, a cyberpunk action film with Keanu Reeves leading the main role. Movie itself was made earlier than Matrix but wasn't as famous back then, it was still part of a underground culture. It has got to be the first one to show a very well made scene of a VR(Virtual Reality) glasses. This scene can be found here.

Pinball-Wizard machine
Machines we're made in year 1995. It's said to be one of the fastest pinball machines. It is a fast tempo, music and atmosphere. These good ol pinball machines were produced by Williams company. Machines we're produced only 2,756 pieces. Design of them is by George Gomez.

Machine music [OST]

[Youtube video from TheMCD37593 channel]

This is only one sample music of total of 14 tracks of this pinball game. It is still today very underrated game and musics. All of these songs goes with the theme, they are shrill and fast-paced. Composer for these songs in the game Dave Zabriskie.

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