5 Minute Freewrite - Share


Sharing is caring, or so the saying goes, this is the day that he finally found out sharing can lead to wonderful things. The cold winter mornings of 1974 were never fun and walking to school over freezing fields was about the most miserable time of his life. There was a day though that he will cherish forever. Since it was about 3 kilometers to school, and the fact that he didn't have shoes, he had to improvise. There was one trick that always warmed up his feet. As gross as it was, cow dung was the warmest, not so little heaps of joy that one could come across while walking through the fields. He always preferred the fields since it was way shorter and sometimes the pain from a thorn was also a welcoming kind of heat on the way to school. On this special day, he had to share his cow dung and he was not happy about it. Little did he know it was the first moment of his life where sharing was something more, something special. The girl that lived a few farms down always walked close to him and watched him while he slid his feet into the heat. The day she asked him if she could join in was the day that he met her. His one and only.

These 5 minutes are rough, had to cut this one pretty short to just at least get an ending in.

Thank you @mariannewest for the 5 minute freewrite series.

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