5 Minute Freewrite - Match Box Car


He was always a fan of driving. Since he was a little boy he knew he wanted to drive all over the world and just take it all in. It was only recently that he rediscovered an old match box car that he thought he had lost ages ago.

Holding it in his hand it was now so small. To think that life has passed him by and he did indeed drive everywhere in all kind of terrains. Even now it still drives fine.

Long plains of smooth open roads.
Over little bumps that made you feel a little shiver.
Through grasslands more beautiful than he could have ever imaged.
Just to come out the other side to the most glorious prairie with silky smooth bends.
Some roads were tougher, with hills that felt like they could never be climbed, just to reach the top and ultimately free down with the biggest grin.

Oh how they enjoyed the open roads and the tiny little box car.

This one ran away with me a little. ;)

Thank you @mariannewest for the 5 minute freewrite series.

Anyone interested please go check our her series and show some support or even try your own 5 minute freewrite.

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