My Very First Ever #Freewrite

My very first ever #freewrite.
I am glad I found this community.
Just today I was thinking of ways I could practice my writing skills.
Join an online creative writing course? Meh.
Start a diary in which I let my thoughts flow? Perhaps.
Ask a friend who loves writing to become accountability partners? Maybe.
It just didn't feel right.
Until I discovered the Freewriters community!
Yes!!! This is what I was looking for.
A community of people who are writing often (some even daily!) and are allowing it to flow and to see where the words take them.

I've been thinking about what my writing style is.
It used to be a hell of a lot better but then I stopped writing for a few years because life got in the way.
Which is a ridiculous excuse but it is so true.
So now I am trying, making an effort to actually put in the work and to write write write!

I'd love to write some fictional stories but that just feels super intimidating.
And then I think I need to start reading more fiction (books and online) and then just kinda get anxious about it.
Which to me says that I need to do it.
If something scares me, it means that there's something for me to learn there.
Growth only happens from doing things that scare me and challenge me.
Life is boring when there is very little challenging things happening but it's up to myself to create those challenges.
(To be honest, life can be very very challenging but that's not the kind of challenging I want or mean here. Haha)


Wow, I can't believe it!
Five minutes went by quickly.

Looking forward to doing this everyday!

Over and out,



#freewrite monday prompt by @mariannewest


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