In it for the freedom


If you’re confused about how government, war, and banks are connected, read Smedley Butler’s speech, War is a Racket: or check out the documentary All Wars Are Bankers’ Wars.

Things seem a bit less overt of late, with economic warfare being the more common approach. Maybe the ideas in The Better Angels of our Nature by Pinker explain why, or maybe the precision of drone strikes just keeps things isolated, contained, and “strategic.”

There’s a meme (shirts, blogs, etc) I’ve been familiar with since I first got into bitcoin which is “bitcoin not bombs.” Many of us are in it for the freedom, to separate the money from the State. Getting financially rewarded for doing so with more purchasing power has been a bonus.

Join us on a grand adventure to create a world we all want to live in. Blockchains and cryptocurrency allow us to build contracts with reliable outcomes eliminating the need to use threats of violence. When the systems of money are uncontrolled and yet still function reliably becuase of physics and math, it makes these threats of violence far more difficult to legitimize and justify in this new paradigm.

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